Baby Girl Bedding – What Is The Cutest Item In The Bed?

What kind of items are you wanting in your baby girl’s bed? You are probably planning to have some really cute fitted sheets for the crib, maybe a cute little pillow, a rail pad, and of course a warm blanket for her. What one of those is the cutest item in the bed? What do you need to look out for when buying your baby girl bedding?

Baby Girl Bedding – What Is The Cutest Item In The Bed?

The first thing you want to think about when buying the bedding is to make sure it is going to be very comfortable. You want her sensitive skin to have the most delicate touch against it. The best way is to choose 100% cotton sheets. The cotton will give her skin the softest, most absorbent touch possible.

You are going to find baby bed sheets in a wide variety of price ranges. Do not jump and buy the cheapest sheets you find. They are the cheapest for a reason. Usually they are a blend of cotton and a synthetic as a starting point. The next thing you will discover is the thread count is very low. Buying 100% cotton sheets with a high thread count is going to make the sheets feel silkier, be more comfortable, and last much longer. You will save money over the life of the sheets, not on the day of purchase.

Of course, you want to pick sheets which are really cute. Pink is the favored color for a girls room, but that does not mean your baby girl bedding must be pink. You might want to have a variety of styles. Pinks, yellows, lavenders, and other soft colors look nice, and maintain a feminine touch. Using patterns like Hello Kitty, Zoo caricatures, or other cute items can make the bed look even cuter.

Some of the best looking beds use a mix of styles. You may choose to go with a solid pink sheet, but then have a patterned pillow, rail pad, and blanket. The contrast of the solid and patterns dress up the bed, making it look very cute.

If you choose a pattern like Hello Kitty, one of the most popular, you can accessorize the bed with a Hello Kitty stuffed animal and pillow. Make sure you take these items out of the bed when you put the baby down to sleep. They are not needed, and just add a potential hazard, especially for newborns.

One other item to add to your baby’s bed is a nice mobile to entertain them. You can find many mobiles which will match your baby girl bedding, keeping the theme intact. It is not critical to have them match, but can add another cute touch.

What is the cutest thing in your baby’s bed? You must be joking, it is not the baby girl bedding, the stuffed animal, or the mobile. The cutest thing in the bed is your sweet little baby daughter. Everything else is just for show.

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