Baby Eczema – Are You Really Sure It Is Eczema?

When your baby starts to get a red rash, or scaly looking skin, all your helpful relatives and friends may start scaring you. They will come up with a diagnosis faster than the Doctor could even take a look. Many of them will claim it is baby eczema, without even really know what they are talking about.

baby eczema

Baby eczema does occur on a fairly high percentage of babies, with some estimates putting the figure at almost 20% of all babies and young children. Eczema normally appears as thickened, red, dry, scaly looking skin. Most commonly on infants it will start on the forehead, cheeks, or scalp, and then may spread down to other portions of the body.

Before you jump to conclusions your baby has eczema take them to see your pediatrician, who may refer you to a dermatologist. You could be seeing a wide range of other baby rashes which will clear up on their own in just a few days or weeks.

Baby eczema is commonly handed down from generation to generation. If you know someone in your family who has eczema, then the odds are increased it is what you are looking at.

Eczema is similar to dandruff in many ways. The skin is not getting rid of the old skin at the proper rate, causing the rashes and scaly looking skin. Before starting on a bunch of home remedies recommended by all the experts in the family, talk to your Doctor.

There are many treatments to reduce the symptoms of baby eczema, but none which are an actual cure. Eczema many times clears up on its own after a few months, or years, but may carry on with your child all the way to adulthood. Learning the proper methods to give your baby relief if the diagnosis is eczema will be your first duty.

Recent tests have shown soaking in a solution of bleach and water is one of the most effective methods of relief, but it is one you do not want to pursue with your baby until you have visited the Doctor. Your Doctor will give you specific instructions on the amount, the kind, and frequency of using bleach, if he recommends its usage in the first place. Doing this kind of treatment without a doctors guidance could be very dangerous to your baby.

Do not venture out and start buying creams, ointments, or other relief solutions on your own.

The products you find will be designed for adults, and the chemicals and medications will be too strong for your infant. You will be further endangering their health by using these treatments.

The odds are very high your baby does not have baby eczema.

eczemaMake sure you always get the facts before jumping to conclusions, or listening to the advice of others. Your Doctor will be the key player in the diagnosis, and recommending treatment. Let him do his job, so your baby does not suffer.

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