Baby Boy Shoes – Getting The Right Shoes for Your Little Athlete

There he is, the most energetic little machine in the world, just starting to walk. You want to get him some great shoes to help him learn to walk, climb, and run. What are the best baby boy shoes for him?


Dad are you ready to run out and get him some Nike tennis shoes and a basketball? You are sure he is going to be the next Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James. Your mind is filled with he athletic capability. Hold on a second, those Nike tennis shoes are going to slow him down. So will Reebok, Converse, New Balance, any other variety of baby tennis shoes. He needs something special during these first few months of walking.

Watch his little feet move on the floor. He has the shuffle step down perfectly, but that is a big problem with tennis shoes, they don’t shuffle. Your baby boy shoes need to support the natural learning process, while giving him support, and protecting his feet. Some good soft soled leather baby shoes are the perfect starting point.

You can find pairs of shoes which still look athletic and will be fun, but do not get too worried about it for today. Get him some great looking all leather shoes which shuffle, and move like him. Think of them as adventure boots.

In just a few months you will start noticing his walking style changing rapidly. The feet dragging shuffle will come to an end, and he will start lifting his feet to walk and run. Now you are ready to start looking into those great styles from Nike and Converse. He is ready to handle them.

Make sure your baby boy shoes still stay comfortable with the proper fit. It is tempting to buy over large shoes and let him grow into them, but it will give him problems with walking and running. It is better to go with a lower cost pair of shoes and replace them often.

Buying the latest and hottest fashions may be fun, but if you buy good quality shoes which are a little lower priced you will be willing to get shoes the right size, and make sure he always has that perfect fit. You will find he learns to run faster, excels in playing, and enjoys wearing shoes when they fit perfectly.

Baby boy shoes come should all come labeled with one warning, and packaged with a coupon for free adult shoes. The warning needs to read: With these shoes your baby boy is going to run faster, climb higher, be fearless, get into everything, and be the most daring man on the planet. The coupon for free adult shoes is so you have a chance to keep up. You might be faster, but your little boy has one big advantage, a non-stop desire to keep going. Good luck, you wanted the athlete, now he just put you into training.

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