Avoid the Top 10 Hiking Watch Mistakes


A hiking watch is one of the most important hiking accessories for a hiker. The watch not only shows hikers the time and date but it also provides the hiker with pertinent information like altitude, air pressure, compass, speeds, sunset and sunrise times, maps etc. this information is vital to keep you safe. It is a hikers’ best friend on the trail that is why it is important to keep it safe. These are things to avoid to ensure your watch is in tip-top shape. Smartwatchpicks write a details information about watch.

# 1 User Manual

Avoid using the watch without first reading the manual. The hiking watch is a complicated piece of equipment with a lot of information to be accessed. The manual will give a proper way to access the information without damaging the workings. Follow the manufacturers’ guidelines.

# 2 Cleaning

Do not use any liquids or harsh chemicals to try and clean the watch. Most hiking watches are digital and may be damaged by harsh chemicals. It is advisable to use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down. Alternatively, consider having the watch professionally cleaned to keep it safe.

# 3 Avoid electricity or magnets

Ensure that you keep your watch as far away as possible from any magnetic or electrical fields that will interfere with the workings of the watch. This may lead to inaccurate information

# 4. Avoid Misuse

The hiking watch is specifically made for hiking so avoid using it when not hiking. This will keep the watch safer and longer lasting as opposed to wearing it for everyday use. consider having another watch for everyday use.

# 5. Unnecessary Impact

At all times ensure that you are careful with the watch and avoid impact. The impact may cause damage to the exterior and interior of the watch leading to damage and consequently inaccurate information.

# 6. Chemicals and temperature

Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures. Extreme cold causes the watch to lose time. On the other hand, very hot temperatures make the battery life of the watch shorter.

# 7. Storage

Make sure that you store your watch in a cool dry place away from any dampness or chemicals. Preferably retain the box that your watch was bought in for storage. The box is specifically made to keep the watch safe.

# 8. Servicing

As much as possible make sure that your hiking watch gets regular servicing. This will ensure that the watch stays in good functioning order. This will also allow your watch to last longer.

# 9. Water Resistance

Avoid exposing your watch to water even if the watch is water resistant. The resistance sometimes wears over time, leaving your hiking watch vulnerable. Water can cause condensation on the face and might even cause permanent damage to the watch. Smartcampicks provide unbaised product reviews and information.

# 10. Wristband replacement

The wristband is an integral part of the hiking watch and needs proper care as much as the watch. Do not wear the watch with a damaged wristband as the watch may fall off and get damaged. Get a professional replacement to always keep your watch safe.

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