Avoid Multiple Sclerosis with Sunlight and Vitamin D


Sunlight is a means to produce Vitamin D by our body naturally, this part we already know. Vitamin D has many benefits on our health and it can also be taken as supplements. To add to the list of good things that higher levels of Vitamin D has on our body, is a latest Australian study which claims to connect Vitamin D with Multiple Sclerosis. It has been believed in the past that people living in the equator, where the sun light is in plenty, to have less chances of getting MS than those who lived in places where sun light is scarce. This new study pretty much proves this fact.

The Study was conducted by Robyn Lucas and his colleagues of the Australian National University. They went through 216 patients who had very recently started to show symptoms of MS. This group was compared to another 400 healthy people of the same location. After matching the results it was found that the healthy people of the other group had more exposure of sunlight throughout their life. Their vitamin D levels were also higher than those that had started to show MS symptoms.

Before we get into this any further, let me clearly state that excess of vitamin D is not a very good thing, it is also referred as Vitamin D toxicity. However, chances are slim that you might get excess amounts of Vitamin D from sun alone, however if you are taking Vitamin D supplements, you should get it consulted with a doctor for safety. Another problem with producing Vitamin D naturally through sunlight is the chances of getting sun burns or perhaps even skin cancer. Relying upon supplements for Vitamin D sounds safe from those dangers, though this study does not clearly says that the supplements can help in protecting against MS in the same way as naturally producing Vitamin D does.

While this study might need a lot more research and fine tuning, we can conclude that it might be a good idea to keep a balance between Vitamin D Deficiency and Excess of it.

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