Avoid Mistakes Like An Amateur For Your Pilates Workout Session


Some might argue about the necessity of Pilates when there are other options available to you. But if you have decided on signing up for Pilates, let us assure you, it might just be the best decision ever. Pilates is tremendously popular all around the world, and it works wonderfully for a beginner.

However, Pilates is not easy, and the adage of zero-gain-without-pain is exceptionally accurate in this case.  Pilates is performed with the aid of a machine called the “Megaformer,” and there are certain vital mistakes to avoid at a Pilates session. Learn to avoid these amateur mistakes by moving on to the following section.

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So, what are these fundamental mistakes to avoid? Let us have a look,

Arriving late

If you have a habit of coming fashionably late, get rid of it; at the very least for the Pilates classes! This is imperative when you are going for your first-ever session. Chances are you have never set your eyes upon another complicated piece of equipment like the Megaformer and to get acquainted with the device you need to follow the instructions of your expert down to the last detail. Calm your nerves by arriving a few minutes early before your scheduled appointment.

The proper gear

No, there are no special clothes and equipment that you require for Pilates. However, you do need to avoid loose and ill-fitting clothes. Always opt for form-fitting dresses which will allow you to perform better and aid the trainer to asses for body form and stress better. Additionally, you need socks and gloves with grips which will provide you with the necessary traction while performing the exercises.

Racing through the workouts

Since Pilates is a slow-burning exercise, it is essential that you don’t rush through the exercises which will cause fatigue and muscular tension. This is true even when you have become quite the expert after a few months.

Keep the frustrations away

Pilates is not magic! You won’t start seeing the results right after the first day or even after the first month. Do not expect miracles and you won’t be frustrated. Have faith in your trainer, your regimen and the hard work you are putting in. Always listen to your instructor as there are several exercises to leverage while performing Pilates.

Skipping workouts is an absolute no-no!

Consistent workout sessions are a must. This is due to the reasons stated above. Without consistent sessions, you won’t see the desired results which will lead to more frustration. Find a regular schedule, talk with your trainer and stick to the routine as diligently as possible. Yes, you will have cheat days but never miss more than the odd class per week.

You can schedule twice a week session at the start and build up your strength, confidence, and repeats from there. All the best!

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