At-Home Stress Relief Solutions

In these times of uncertainty, stress and tension can easily take hold and run rampant in our lives. And spending more time at home, without the distractions of a busy life, can exacerbate these issues. However, spending time at home can be just the ticket to increased wellness! Just incorporate one or two of these techniques to reduce stress and get back to a calm, enjoyable lifestyle in no time at all.


Enjoy some sunshine and fresh air

Spending time outside does not need to involve heavy cardio workouts. Just making time to get outside and experience nature is one of the best-loved methods for reducing anxiety and depression. It’s difficult to be wrapped up in the stressful details of day-to-day life when you are surrounded by trees, feeling the wind on your face, and taking in the beauty of a sunset.

The endorphin rush of Whether you choose to take a walk at lunch, plan a weekend hike, or enjoy a beachside bike ride in the evening, making a daily habit of connecting with the outdoors will reap incredible rewards for your mental and physical health.

Cook a meal

For everyone – from many walks of life, backgrounds, and ideologies – food is known as the universal element of comfort and nurture. Not only is it a necessity or keeping our bodies and minds functioning optimally, but food also creates a feeling of well-being that is unmatched. It reminds us that we deserve to be cared for, and sensual pleasures add rich quality to our everyday lives.

The experience of cooking a meal creates an environment of creativity, a feeling of mindful presence, and a sense of achievement. And sharing the meal with someone you love makes it possible to feel satisfied in every way.

Make time for mindful connection

It can be easy to assume that making time for mindfulness involves a trip to a yoga studio, or a spa, or space set aside for prayer and meditation. However, that’s not true! You can enjoy the benefits of mindful connection at home with a few simple techniques.

Massage and bodywork, as well as yoga, come from deep historical traditions and require years of study to master. But making time to just connect with your body, with a reflexology foot massage, a few sun salutations, or ten minutes of deep breathing can change the direction of your entire day.

In addition, incorporating CBD-infused hemp cream can increase the overall wellness you’ll experience from massage or reflexology. CBD and hemp products have been known to support the digestive system, improve skin tone, and gently create a feeling of well-being in the body and mind.

Spend time with friends

One of the simplest ways to kick the lasting effects of a stressful day (or week!) is to reach out and connect with someone you love. Humans are social creatures, and we require touch, conversation, and nurturing support to feel truly alive.

Call a friend and chat about your day. Make a plan to meet a coworker for a walk at lunch, or after the office closes. Invite a few people over for dinner or game night. Just relax into the knowledge that it doesn’t need to be planned, or perfect, to make a positive impact.

No matter how much time or energy you have at your disposal, stress-relief and a sense of well-being are never very far away. Just take a moment to quiet your mind and ask, what do I need right now? Listen and breathe. And you will know the answer.

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