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The term ‘aging’ has long since been an integral part of our society—more specifically, anti-aging. Of course, no one wants to look their age. This fact is made even more apparent nowadays with all the numerous products for anti-aging that enter the market every year.

But apparently, no two products are equal. Some will do much better than others, and credibility is crucial. With hundreds upon hundreds of skincare products to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best.

Let’s then check out ASEA’s products.


It’s a gel-based skin therapy that aims to revitalize skin health and appearance. ASEA uses “Redox Signaling” in RENU 28, which is a revolutionary technology it has developed. The technology involves the insertion of redox signaling molecules into the body that will help in the rejuvenation of skin cells that are aging. RENU 28 is a standalone skin-care product that is non-reactive so anyone may include it on their current skincare regimen.

RENU 28 is claimed to be both hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog the pores, which could result in blackheads. Made from pure, preservative-free products, it provides a natural approach to true skin health.

slow aging

Also, it claims to be the only product in the market that uses redox signaling molecules in cellular repair and regeneration.

RENU Advanced

ASEA has designed and combined different products that would each serve in skin revitalization.

  • Gentle Refining Cleanser

An upgraded version of your usual facial cleanser if based on the description of ASEA on their website. Its purpose is to rid skin of oil and make-up, even with dirt particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It also has its hydration function.

  • Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer

A moisturizer that takes skin hydration to the next level and is also designed to bolster the redox signaling technology.

In two weeks, is it said that the individual using will experience firmness of skin. It also reduces wrinkles. In four weeks, moisture of skin is expected to have increased by 43%.

  • Intensive Redox Serum

This serum promises a 30-minute benefit that involves smoother skin to lighten the appearance of lines on your face.

The last inclusion to this regimen is the RENU 28.

ASEA Redox Supplement

An improved water by ASEA that claims to boost an individual’s bodily systems. Just like its other products, this, too, has the redox signaling molecule that is being condensed. When the water is consumed, it will then be deposited into the body.

This water must be taken at least 4 ounces each day and is said to be non-toxic.

Accordingly, the products of ASEA work in almost the same way that most products intend to. But unlike most products, the company prides itself in capitalizing on the mixture of redox signaling molecules to rejuvenate your body at the cellular level, thus improving your overall health apart from other activities that help defy the aging process.

Is there any truth to ASEA’s claim?

Studies conducted by researchers from Stephens and Associates, a global leader in dermatological research led by Dr. Thomas Stephens, have shown that the product shortened the skin renewal cycle to 24 to 36 days, which is faster than the usual 28 to 42 days. He said that the shorter skin rejuvenation interval brought by RENU 28 could improve overall skin appearance and health significantly.

As per ASEA’s website,  Dermatest, one of the world’s leading dermatological research companies, gave the product a 5-Star guarantee based on the results of a 28-day clinical trial. In addition to the standard dermatological tests, they claimed to have conducted digital scans of individual features, such as wrinkles and skin textures. They said that they saw significant improvements in overall wrinkles, facial skin textures, skin elasticity, and skin moisture.

On the other hand, some are doubtful of the research results because of non-publication of the full study. Moreover, ASEA didn’t open its products to be reviewed by peers. The reviews on their sales pages referred to aspects other than the products’ effectiveness. One other concern for those who want to try ASEA’s products is the price: for instance, the Redox Supplement costs $160 USD for a case that consists of four bottles. To some, the water is just too costly for its content.

The details are laid out for your own judgment when you’re considering to try out the different products from ASEA. The availability of resources online other than this may help you weigh your options and make a well-informed decision. Remember, due diligence always pays off.

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