Armed to the Teeth: How to Make Your Teeth Stronger

stronger teeth

Genes account for 60% of someone’s tooth decay risk. Learn how to make your teeth stronger and healthier than ever before.

Some people are born with softer enamel than others are. The softer your enamel is, the more prone to cavities you are.

Fortunately, you can strengthen your enamel with a few simple changes. You deserve the strong, healthy smile of your dreams.

Here are some ways you can make your teeth stronger:

Check Your Diet

If you want to know how to make your teeth strong, adjust your diet. Eating plenty of calcium-rich foods like dairy, nuts, and leafy greens will strengthen your teeth.

Other foods, however, contribute to the demineralization of your teeth. Demineralization is the process that eats away at the minerals in your enamel and makes your teeth weaker.

The fermentable carbohydrates present in soft drinks, bread, and other starchy food contribute to demineralization. Stick to whole grains for strengthening your teeth and gums.

Acidic drinks like soda, coffee, and juice not only make your teeth yellow, but they weaken your enamel as well. These are also some of the foods that irritate teeth whitening the most.

Replace acidic drinks with water.

Practice Self-Care For Your Teeth

Knowing how to make teeth strong is an important aspect of dental hygiene. The more you care for your teeth, the less likely you’ll be to have unhealthy teeth.

Make sure you brush your teeth twice daily. The best time to brush your teeth is after meals. Try waiting until after you eat breakfast to brush your teeth.

You should only brush your teeth between 2 to 3 minutes per brushing session. Brushing for 4 minutes or more causes pain and weakens your enamel.

Use The Right Products

Learning how to make teeth stronger is also a matter of learning which products to use.

There is enamel-strengthening toothpaste on the market. Remineralizing products like mineral fluoride also keep your teeth strong.

Using toothpaste with fluoride in it will strengthen your teeth more than fluoride-free toothpaste can.

Still, products can’t fix everything. If you have damaged or missing teeth, consider getting all on four dental implants. You’ll fall in love with how your teeth look after the fact.

Floss Like a Boss

Flossing your teeth is just as necessary as brushing them. Flossing gets rid of the extra food particles stuck in your teeth, especially the ones you missed while brushing.

The act of flossing removes tartar and prevents the buildup of plaque. That’s why flossing frequently protects your teeth from weakening in the first place.

The best time for flossing is right before you brush your teeth.

You Should Know How To Make Your Teeth Stronger

In the world, there are at least 3.58 billion people experiencing tooth decay. Arm yourself to the teeth with knowledge by learning how to make your teeth stronger.

Another thing: Diet soda has more acids than other drinks do. Thus, it will erode your enamel even faster than other acidic drinks.

Invest in your smile and read more about dental health. Your teeth will thank you for it.

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