Are You Wondering How You’ll Feed Your Newborn? Here Are Helpful Tips

Mother breastfeeding a newborn baby boy

One of the greatest joys of a mother is to breastfeed her child because it’s a bonding moment for both. A newborn curls their little fingers around its mother, and the feeling is heavenly. However, breastfeeding can be stressful if you’re not producing enough milk for the child, job commitment, and health reasons.

Such situations can lead to stress the mother and thus, the child. In fact, it’s like looking in the mirror. If you’re happy, your child will be, and the vice is true. Besides, how will you bring the best out of the child if you’re struggling yourself? As a mother, you need to think of other feeding options like baby organic baby formula.

Tips to Consider When Feeding a Newborn

  1. Breast milk

Some moms are blessed with lots of breast milk, and others struggle to produce enough. Well, the bodies are different. So, unless you have health issues and the doctors ask you to avoid breastfeeding, you should feed your child with breast milk. If you have a job, pump enough milk and refrigerate, and when it’s baby feeding time, the nanny will first warm the milk then feed the child.

  1. Consider formulas

Suppose you’re nutrients deficient. As much as you’ll be breastfeeding, the child will never be satisfied. So, ensure you take a balanced diet. However, as your child grows, he will require more feeding, which might not be enough by breastfeeding.

In that case, consider shopping for the best organic baby formula. How do you identify the best baby formula? There is a wide range of baby formula you can select from. However, mother instinct should lead you in this. For instance, you should know some companies are processing baby formula to make money. However, other companies research, test, and sell high-quality baby formula.

When buying baby formula, use recommendation. In fact, instead of picking any baby formula, select the best organic baby formula.

  1. Observe the cues of the baby

Imagine that beautiful face moving eyes from east of the ceiling to the west. The child is amazed by the new world at his face – it’s magnificent and curiously attractive. After sometimes the child is hungry, but he hasn’t learned how to ask yet. So, he will start eating a thumb, sucking tongue, and other things.

Indeed, you assume the child should feed eight to twelve times a day. But, did you know the child would feed best if you breastfed or gave formula at the time you observed the cues? So, feed the child at when they show signals, and once they turn away the bottle or breast, they’re full.

  1. Expect baby Feeding variations

The amount of food a child takes at one week is less as compared to what they take in three weeks. So, if the baby started with 100g of the best organic baby formula in a week, you’ll have to increase the volume. Nonetheless, ask for a doctor’s advice and trust your instinct. Moreover, if the child is full, he can’t continue eating.


Feeding your baby is a way of bonding. A closeness you see between a kid and mother is built during the first feeding moment. So, create the best out of it by shopping the best baby formula.

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