Are you Sabotaging Your Relationship?


Are you sabotaging your relationship without knowing it? Here are a few key warning signs to look for that could be pushing your partner away, and how you can fix these issues.

Adding Fuel to A Burned Out Fire

Do you often find yourself hurling insults at your partner and bringing up past mistakes or issues that should have been dead and buried a long time ago? While communication is important, where and how you communicate with your partner really builds a foundation for a lasting relationship. If something really bugs you, let him know that you’d like to speak to him about it — but wait until the two of you are alone and can talk privately, and don’t throw extra issues into the pot that aren’t relevant to the topic at hand.

Blowing Up

If you find yourself snapping at your partner for the most minor of offenses (and you do this regularly), stop and think about what’s truly setting you off. Are you really angry because he forgot to stop at the grocery store, or is there something deeper at work? You may find yourself blowing up at the slightest provocation because of past relationship issues you had, or previous mistakes he’s made that you haven’t worked past yet. Figure out what’s really bugging you, and talk to him about it rationally using sentences that explain how you feel — not words that accuse him.


We all have insecurities, but if you consistently reject your partner’s affection and compliments, it’s going to become a problem in your relationship. Instead of second-guessing your man’s true motive for complimenting you, enjoy it for what it is — the attention of a man who cares about you! Once you start believing he believes the nice things he says about you, it will be easier to accept that you are worthy of love and affection.

Unable to Forgive

Forgiving someone who hurt you (especially a significant other) can be difficult, but it’s absolutely essential to maintain a strong relationship. If you find yourself unable to forgive your partner for something he did in the past, but you want to continue the relationship, then you need to work past the issue and learn to forgive and forget.

If you identify with any of these issues, you could potentially be sabotaging your relationship — and who wants that? Use the tips I’ve given you to learn how to fix these problems and maintain a strong, healthy relationship both you and your partner enjoy being a part of.

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