Are You a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular globally, compared to how these procedures were stigmatized many years ago. However, not anyone can get a plastic surgery procedure done without questions. Different procedures like liposuction, breast enlargement, nose lifts, and others, have different guidelines for a good surgical candidate.

In the hopes of improving self-image, physical attributes, and self-esteem, many individuals are considering cosmetic surgical procedures such as the ones found in this video:

There are also general qualities that you need to possess to be able to proceed, so if you want to know you’re a good fit for plastic surgery, here are five qualities of a good candidate:

  1. Good overall health

Any individual needs to have good physical health before undergoing any kind of surgical procedure. Good overall health is needed to reduce health risks and ensure that you can achieve optimal recovery. A famous case of plastic surgery mishap is the death of Donda West, Kanye West’s mother, who died of a heart attack as she apparently had a pre-existing coronary artery disease and post-operative complications.

It is crucial that you discuss everything that concerns your health to the doctor upon assessment for a possible plastic surgery procedure. A few conditions that may say you’re a poor candidate or may say you need more time to stabilize your health are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disease
  1. Psychological health stability

During your first plastic surgery consultation, the doctor will be asking you some questions to evaluate your emotional and mental health. It’s critical that plastic surgery patients are self-confident because an alteration in physical appearance doesn’t necessarily mean it will change how you feel about yourself. These surgeries can help boost self-esteem, but won’t cure other mental health issues. Here are some red flags that would tell doctors to postpone cosmetic surgery to a later time:

  • You’re hoping to fix a marriage or relationship after the procedure.
  • You feel that surgery will increase your value in the workplace.
  • You express exaggerated concerns with very minor problems or possible dysmorphic disorder.
  • You have an obsession to appear like someone else or seem to be “addicted” to plastic surgery.
  • You expect that plastic surgery will help solve all your problems.
  1. Healthy lifestyle

Like overall health, a healthy lifestyle reduces complications and aids in successful recovery. It’s essential that you follow whatever recommendations the doctor will have to avoid potential troubles. If you regularly exercise, aren’t overweight, don’t smoke, and can limit caffeine and alcohol consumption, then you can be a good plastic surgery candidate. Here’s why smoking and cosmetic surgery aren’t a good match:

  • Nicotine can sabotage the results of your plastic surgery.
  • Nicotine constricts blood vessels, and the presence of the substance before and after the procedure can hinder your healing progress. Some doctors can work with patients who can stop smoking at least four weeks before and after the surgery.
  • Individuals who smoke have increased risks for infections, scarring, more pain, blood clots and other complications which can even be life-threatening.
  1. Realistic expectations

While plastic surgery is made to have some sort of alterations in your body, it’s still vital that you have realistic expectations of what it’s going to do, or what’s going to happen. When your expectations aren’t realistic, you’re going to be disappointed even if your doctor can deliver dramatic results. For example, the results of breast augmentations will take four to eight weeks to be desirable, and post-operation might not look like what you hope it to be yet.

A reliable plastic surgeon will discuss what you need to know and assess how to feel about it. Both your emotional expectations and cosmetic expectations need to be realistic, and you need to be open to your doctor to avoid misunderstanding.

  1. Can afford the expense

Another critical factor of a suitable candidate is when you can afford the expense of the surgical procedure. It’s crucial that your major needs won’t be affected and that you won’t be having difficulties with your debt due to the plastic surgery. Be realistic with your finances too. Here are a few suggestions:

  • During your consultation, ask your doctor about the cost of the entire procedure, including the medications and post-operational needs.
  • Don’t hesitate to inquire if they have financial plans for their surgery.
  • Be open in asking if there are cheaper alternatives to what you want to achieve — for example, Botox versus a facelift, or a tummy tuck instead of liposuction.

Final thoughts

If you desire to have plastic surgery, take time to re-evaluate why you want to undergo such a procedure and don’t hesitate to ask a trusted cosmetic surgeon questions. While scientific advances are making plastic surgeries safer, it’s still crucial that you’re a good candidate before undergoing anything. With the help of the list above, you can somehow determine if you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery at this time.

ramosLuisa Magalhaes Ramos

Luisa Magalhaes Ramos is a highly respected Plastic Surgeon in Portugal.


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