Are Soundproof Wallpapers Any Good?

soundproof wall

Living in a busy world comes at a substantial expense. Most of us suffer from outside noise, and we rarely can do something about it. A loud garbage truck may be passing by. Maybe the city decided to renovate your street, or perhaps they are cleaning the sidewalks. In any case, it sucks not being able to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet in your own place.

For that matter, people invented something called a soundproof wallpaper. All in all, it’s a straightforward concept. Wallpapers are made of paper, and soundproof ones simply are denser and have more paper. Of course, this will help with reducing the sound and noise coming from outside. But, the main question is, how effective are they really? To be clear, merely adding a dense wallpaper is not going to make your room as quiet as a library, but it can help. Here’s some more info:

Does it really work?

Cheap wallpapers are made of only a sheet of paper in a specific color or pattern. This doesn’t do much in reducing noise. However, if you opt for something of higher quality, it will be denser, and that will help up to a certain extent. Even more so, if you get a real acoustic one, then you can expect a bit more. The latter ones contain more layers that are specifically designed to break soundwaves as they go through. Some high-end ones have a bit of insulation in them that helps even more.

The way these things will really work is if you don’t expect way too much out of them. Adding a few sheets of thick paper is not going to make your room like an enclosed studio. But, it will still help with some distant traffic noises and people talking nearby. If your next-door neighbor starts yelling, you’d always be able to hear that. The same thing goes if they decide to blast loud music. The solution, in that case, is to knock on their door and tell them to keep it at a reasonable level.

What are the benefits of installing a soundproof wallpaper?

The first significant benefit is that you can feel a small difference for a small amount of money. These things are quite cheap, and they will do wonders if you install them on every wall. You want to do something that will help a small bit with the noise and won’t break the bank in the meantime. Click here to read more.

Make your place look better

As well as that, they can serve as a glow up to your apartment. You can pick the color, the design, or the pattern. With this, you’ll be giving your old place a new look. Most people who decide to soundproof first do everything related to it, and then they think about how they can make the area look more beautiful. But, with this option, you can do both those things at the same time.

It’s quick and easy to install


Another advantage that wallpapers have is that they’re super easy to install. It works in the same way as a standard wallpaper would stick to the wall. It will take a few hours to do your entire apartment. The only thing you should be paying attention to is for it to be straight. You wouldn’t want any bumps or irregularities on it. In the end, you just cut corners and the excess material, and you’re done

A better experience overall

As soon as you finish, you can try playing some music or a movie. You’ll feel the difference in the higher quality of the sound. By blocking noise from the outside, they also help in keeping the music inside. This way, your living room or bedroom can feel more like a coffee lounge. As an added bonus, these wallpapers help in keeping your home fire-resistant. They meet all the standards for it, and it’s logical because they are made of thick materials.

Finally, it’s up to you if you would like to install them or not. They’re relatively cheap, and they make your home a bit quieter. But, ultimately, the choice should be yours to make.

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