Are Academic Writing Companies Ethical?


If you decide to order an essay or another academic paper online, first of all, you will think about three factors: affordability, reliability, and confidentiality. We don’t try to say you are unethical, but being a student in a turmoil is a universal image which we know and understand. However, not being snowed under the increasing amount of writing assignments, you can consider thinking about the ethical side of online writing help. Is it ethical to buy papers online? Are academic companies ethical in general? We know what your professor would say, but let’s think broader and find a middle ground in this question. We will provide you with ideas for why academic writing agencies are ethical, and you can decide whether you agree with this reasoning or not.

Academic writing companies are ethical because they don’t create a necessity for papers, they only serve it. Think about it. It would be unethical if the papers were sold by the same professor or educational institution giving complex assignments, waiting for profit. Writing companies don’t create a necessity, professors, colleges, universities do. They create a situation which is almost impossible for most of the students to deal with — too many complex assignments and a constant threat of failing the course.

Writing agencies are ethical because they offer the whole range of services and only students decide which ones to use. You can order proofreading of your already written paper, you can buy an outline for your extended paper, etc. Buying custom written papers is always an option with such companies, but it is not the only option.

Writing companies are ethical because they don’t control how you use the written paper further. You can order an assignment to be written and use the final draft as a sample for your own work, use references and the whole idea, but write it by yourself. It is only your ethical or not too much ethical decision about how to use the received custom paper. We were surprised to know that many parents of high-schoolers order sample papers to be able to help their kids with complicated homework. In this case, there is nothing unethical in the work of writing agencies. It is evident that everything depends on the final user of the written paper.

Looking for academic writing help is ethical when you don’t have any other viable solution. Colleges, universities, other educational institutions normally don’t care about your personal situation and problems, and it is normal because they need to function as a system, neglecting minor distractions. In this case, academic writing services become mediators, trying to smoothen your learning experience and help you out with the most complex assignments.

Addressing academic writing agencies is ethical because you learn to diversify and delegate your tasks. In the real world out there, you can’t build a career without these skills and it not wrong to learn how to do it still in college or university. The academic system itself is broken, it not a secret, so making the path to your diploma more efficient is a rather ethical response to the given conditions. It is important, however, to decide on the principle of diversification. For example, to order only minor papers not strongly related to your future profession and concentrate on more important tasks, or to pay order only urgent assignments not to fail the course.

Of course, we can’t claim that contacting an academic writing company is absolutely ethical. There are Honor Codes in colleges and universities directly prohibiting the usage of these sources of help, and agencies are well aware of that. It is up to you to decide whether to use their services or not, whether it is ethical or not, whether you want to be the part of this system or not. Make your own set of priorities and decide whether some things and processes are ethical or not related to that set, not to the general ideas which you might not even share for now. No matter what you decide, we wish you luck with your college or university experience and all those writing assignments waiting ahead of you.

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