Appetite Suppressants – A Rough Guide

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Obesity is a big problem in the Western World. Nearly 35% of US adults are believed to be obese. The situation in the UK is not much better and a report called “The State of the Nations Waistline”, published by Obesity in the UK in January 2014, suggests over 50% of the UK population may be obese by the year 2050.

Most people are aware that being overweight is as bad for their health as it is for their beach credibility, and it has been suggested that around 30% of the adult population are trying to shed unwanted pounds, but with such a variety of appealing food options available fighting the desire to tuck in and enjoy can be hard. It’s a fight many dieters lose.

Fortunately, today’s abundance of food choices is matched by a growing number of weight management choices including many appetite suppressing blends designed to inhibit the desire for food and help dieters follow through on their good intentions.

Many of today’s most successful diet product contain ingredients that suppress appetite. There are also many products that offer a multi benefit approach that include a fat blocking or fat burning ingredient. The best fat burners for women will almost certainly include some form of appetite suppressing agent.

Piling on the Pounds

Humans are unlike most other forms of animal life. Most of the species we share the planet with only eat enough to maintain their bodies and survive. Humans often eat for the sheer joy of eating, or to placate an unpleasant emotional state (comfort eating); so it’s easy to pile on the pounds and the more that is eaten the more the stomach stretches, resulting in a larger stomach that can hold more food, so in some ways overeating can be a self-supporting problem.

In a nutshell, weight gain and obesity can be primarily attributed to the human beast’s inability to control its appetite. Too much food results in too many calories and the excess calories are then stored as fat.

We are all only human so we sometimes need a little help to control our eating passions.

How Appetite Suppressants Work

Appetite suppressants generally contain one or more ingredients that possess the ability to trick the body into thinking it has already eaten a sufficient amount of food. Some ingredients are, however, more effective than others.

Phentermine (phenyltertiary-butylamine) is one of the most sought after appetite suppressants in the world. It works by stimulating glands in the brain and causing them to secrete a higher than normal amount of the hormone norephrine. This then triggers a state of flight or fight which produces further changes in the body not least of which is a suppressed appetite. Unfortunately the use of Phentermine can result in side effects.

It is also an addictive drug that cannot be obtained without a doctor’s prescription, and doctors usually only prescribe Phentermine for patients who are dangerously overweight, so such a prescription is hard to obtain.

Many natural ingredients also have the ability to trigger a state or flight or fight though, so it’s not all bad news, and there are other ways to suppress the appetite.

Some appetite suppressing ingredients trigger the production of serotonin, for instance. This has the effect of both elevating the mood and quietening any hunger pangs that may exist.

The ingredient konjac works in a very different manner. It’s a fibrous plant extract that has the ability to soak up large quantities of water and as it does so the fibers swell, expanding considerably. It is this ability that makes konjac such a useful appetite suppressant because when a konjac appetite suppressing capsule is swallowed, along with a sufficient quantity of water, the fibers expand inside the stomach, filling it up and removing the desire for food. It’s a safe, simple, and incredibly efficient way to suppress the appetite.

Secondary Weight Loss Benefits

When dieters suppress their appetites with appetite suppressants their calorie intakes may drop below their daily needs. When this happens the body is forced to find an alternative means of supplying the calories it requires.

The calories locked inside the body’s existing fatty tissue are the easiest to attain so the body releases the necessary calories as and when required via the fat burning process.


The hardest part of any weight management regimen is fighting the desire to eat. Appetite suppressants provide a means of winning that fight and dieters will feel no feelings of loss because most of the desire to eat will be removed, and any food that is eaten will invariably be in reduced amounts.

A reduced food intake results in a reduced calorie intake that will in all likelihood then kick-start the fat burning process. It’s a winning formula that equates to successful weight loss.

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