An Unlikely Alternative to a Healthier You


We have heard about all the ‘healthy’ ways of losing weight, clearing up pour skin, looking younger staying fit. All of these factors we really do concern ourselves with and while it’s always a plus looking after your health, both mentally and physically, there is little satisfaction in swallowing a celery stick after doing one million jumping jacks. So being a part of the society obsessed with looking and feeling decades younger and healthier, we decided to look into alternative methods of creating a new and better you, unlikely methods and highly unlikely to be tried but have been tested by us, ones we thought would make your jaw drop and ones that kept us wholly and fully satisfied with the outcome. Here are our solutions, remedies or a way of life, however you choose to look at it, these are our stress relievers and alternatives to a healthier you.

Online Gaming

Yup, you got that straight! After doing some research we noticed there is a large market of mature adults gaming online. The other half, well they don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about new gaming releases. The elation of online gaming affects the nervous system and sends electric pulses to your brain triggering a happy feeling which is essential in the process of distressing and further improving your health conditions. You can choose from a number of free online games or you can enjoy the fun of playing games online via your mobile or desktop. Take your mind off todays stress and feel 10 years younger.

Social Hobbies

Find a hobby to keep you busy even if it is wine on a Thursday afternoon with the girls at the local pub. Studies have shown that getting together with your girlfriends or guy friends at least once a week de-stresses the body and the mind, both vital to the process of anti-aging and feeling good about yourself. It’s also recommended to get out of the house and you know what they say about a glass of wine a day!

Outdoor Events

Skip gym, who needs the indoors anyway. Hit forest trails or join a park walk group where you all go on jogs, runs and hikes together. Many cities offer outdoor events where you get to sign up, dress up and get your heart rate up. Although many would say this isn’t the ideal form of everyday exercise, it probably isn’t, it’s probably better! Staying active doesn’t mean you need to sign with a gym. You can do ten jumping jacks and 10 lunges at home on a daily basis, as long as you are happy and enjoying what you are doing while breaking out into a sweat.

We don’t need to live by the book to look and feel great, what we need is to find our own flow, be the unique individuals we are and kind of run with it no matter how eccentric or wild we seem. In fact, the more eccentric we are, the younger we remain.

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