An Overview of Sex Therapy – Does it Work?

Everyone seems to be skeptical when considering sex therapy. This may occur due to numerous reasons. But the most common reason is the lack of proper knowledge about sex therapy and how it is effective. Thus, we will breakdown sex therapy into several categories and understand what sex therapy is and how it helps in bringing a positive solution to sex problems.

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What is Sex Therapy?

Urban dictionary describes Sex therapy as a “counseling which addresses a person’s psychological or physical sexual problems” or “a strategy for the improvement of sexual functions and treatment of sexual dysfunction.” In simple terms, sex therapy involves a couple resolving their sexual problems through counseling sessions with a professional sex therapist. And NO, sex therapy does NOT involve any kind of physical, sexual activities or anything remotely related to sexual acts. You can think of sex therapy as a simple conversation time with your partner and the therapist, and the only difference is that you will talk about your sex problems.

It is understandable why couples avoid sex therapy. In fact, it is natural to be skeptical or avoid sex therapy. After all, talking about one’s sex life is extremely a private affair, and it’s something that couple keeps it between themselves as much as possible. So, discussing their bedroom problems in front of a third person is something that most couples cannot adjust to. But, it should be taken into consideration that sex therapists are professional and trained people, and they are more than qualified to analyze your problems and give you the best solution.

It is also important to know that sex problems between couples are not a rare occurrence. In fact, different statistics have shown that nearly 30-40% of couples suffer from one or the other type of sex problems. So, there are a good number of couples out there who are facing the same kind of problems, and, hence, there is no shame in accepting it and approaching a sex therapist to fix the problem.

Negative effects of sex problems on Couples

Unsatisfactory sex life between couples can have a lot of negative impact on their relationship. People often shy away from pointing it out, but one of the most crucial factors in a relationship is sex, and when couples experience sex problems, it affects the other aspects of relationship as well. The most common negative effects are frustration, resentment, lack of enthusiasm, and lack of interest, which are all a big contributor to failed relationships.

How does Sex therapy help?

Sex therapy is a powerful tool (if you will) where you are encouraged to talk about any problems related to your sex life. Often times, this is the hardest thing to do as most couples feel ashamed to talk about their bedroom problems. But a sex therapist will make sure that they set the environment to a friendly tone so that couples can open up about their problems without feeling judged. Sex therapy often includes some basic training guides to help couples get comfortable in sharing their sex problems. Once the therapist figures out the problem depending on the amount of information that the couple provides, they generally refer to some treatment plan. The plan can either be short-term or a long-term plan depending on the magnitude of the problem that the couple faces.

Sex therapy is entirely a communication therapy where couples are encouraged to talk to each other about their problems with the therapist. The therapy involves talking about any kind of sex problems without any limitations. As per several studies, Sex therapists have often said that there are no such problems that can’t be solved, and often the simple solution to all the problems have been simply due to lack of proper communication or even the lack of basic sex knowledge.

Does Sex therapy work?

Due to the nature of the therapy, the ultimate result of sex therapy is often determined by the couples undergoing therapy. The therapist can only do so much to help couples get to the root of their problem if they are not entirely honest and open up about their problem. In fact, a study was conducted by the University of Pennsylvania to track the effectiveness of sex therapy. The study involved 365 couples who were seeking sex therapies for several different reasons. The study concluded that sex therapy worked for nearly 65% of those couples. The result also showed that among those couples where therapy did not work, it was largely due to “health issues.” Health problems like diabetes or heart diseases can often impair sexual desire in a person which is not treatable by sex therapists. Hence, Therapist Sydney is effectively proven and practical as well.

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