An Inside Look Into Sexual Health

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Sexual health and freedom is more important than some people realise, not just for a fulfilling sex life but also having the ability to choose sexual preferences and avoid sexual diseases. Looking after your sexual health can include anything from check-ups, contraception, sex toys, and orgasms. Here is an inside look into sexual health and some tips you can follow to stay healthy.

Toys to maximise orgasms

If you aren’t feeling sexually liberated, there are ways you can warm yourself up. Try out some sex toys for women to experience great orgasms and get your partner involved if you aren’t single. Whether you’re using toys alone or with your partner, it’s a great way to get some sexual satisfaction and once you start and find something you like, you won’t be able to stop. There are many different toys on the market, if you’ve never tried them out before you can read reviews or ask friends for advice. Lots of websites have reviewed sex toys and this can be useful before investing as this isn’t something you can usually return.


Contraception is key for protection

Contraception is important for those who don’t want to get pregnant, if you can’t afford to have a child yet using contraception might be the answer for you. There are some different types of contradiction to consider, for women the coil, the contraceptive pill and the implant are the most popular. If you don’t think any of these options are for you, make sure your partner is using a condom to avoid pregnancy. Keeping on top of contraception is important, for example, if you start taking the contraceptive pill you will need repeat prescriptions from the doctor.

Some forms of contraception require an appointment, such as the coil, as it will need to be fitted and checked once in a while too. When it comes down to contraception it is completely up to you what you’d like to do and there is nothing stopping you from trying out some different options. Contraception not only stops pregnancy but also helps to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, something you want to avoid at all costs. If you have multiple sexual partners, you should use a condom even if you are on contraception for birth control, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Some of the worst but common sexually transmitted diseases are chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, HIV, and there are many more you should be aware of.

Regular check ups are essential

One way to look after your sexual health is having check-ups, not just when you feel like there is something wrong but regularly to avoid problems cropping up. If you aren’t someone who is organised and you don’t often remember to book appointments, you can always have a few booked in advance. There are also drop-in options like sexual health clinics in doctors surgeries so you don’t always need appointments booked, you can drop in when you need to.

Now that you know some great ways to take care of your sexual health, make sure you remember to reguarly pratice some of these. The earlier you feel sorted with your sexual health, the better. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to think about things like contraception, but once you have it in place, you will be more relaxed and knowing you’re protected is important.

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