An Easy Recipe for Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

As it is well known, apple cider vinegar is highly appreciated and used for many diseases. It is known that has diuretic property so it is used to remove excess water from the body. Therefore, apple vinegar is recommended for people who have kidney and urinary problems, as well as problems with heart and blood vessels, accompanied by the appearance of the swelling. Apple vinegar allows better drainage of toxins that accumulate in the body. Heart patients and those with high blood pressure use apple vinegar because it reduces blood viscosity, and hence reduces the workload of the heart.

Also, cider vinegar is an effective means to treat diarrhea. It can also help in some cases of sterility, and is recommended in diets. A teaspoon of apple vinegar in a glass of water three times daily can help to lose the excess pounds. Cider vinegar is also used externally as a compress to treat varicose veins, inflammation of joints and rheumatism. Also, rubbing the body with diluted apple vinegar removes fatigue, and it is a good preparation for the removal of dandruff.

Pure apple cider vinegar can be bought and made. Now we present the recipe for getting it in the home version.
Apples should be well washed and only the stems should be removed. Then along with shell and seeds chop it into small peaces. Firstly, it is best to clip into pieces, then grind on the machine for meat or for grape crusher. Chopped apples together with the juice have to be taken in a clean court – a larger jar, pot, vat,  or something similar. Then add 50-100 grams of sugar per 10 kg of apples to encourage fermentation.  Mix well and cover with multiple gauze. Let stand in warm place or in direct sunlight. You should periodically monitor the course of fermentation. End point is assessed on the acidity of vinegar.

When the vinegar is ready, the entire content should be filtered through strainer, and then through dense colander, and finally through multiple gauze in order to get it cleaner and clearer vinegar. Then it should be poured into clean bottles, sealed and stored in a cool, dark place. Good cider vinegar has a distinctive golden color and a pleasant sour taste. Apple cider is taken diluted with water – a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water.  Finally, the medicinal benefits of apple cider vinegar are increased if it is taken with honey.

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