Amazing Hot Dog Recipes You Should Try Today

hot dog

We all love delicious food. Good food is savored and crazed for all over the world. One of such memorable meals that keep you coming back for more is hot dog. A sausage of pork or say minced meat nicely dished on a bread roll for you, hot dog is nearly irresistible. Hot dog presents an interesting diversity as it has many wonderful recipes. Let us look at some of those mouthwatering hot dog recipes you should try today.

Mexican Corn Dogs

This hot dog recipe is a banger which you will definitely fall head over heels in love with. This is a tantalizing mashup that brings together your traditional corn dog together with some lovely mayo, cotija cheese topped with some refreshing chopped cilantro. This Mexican hot dog recipe is delectably savory. To complete its enchantment, you can add your Mexican chili spice to the mashup. This is marvelous and feels so good in your mouth.

Hot Dog Spirals

You definitely need to try the hot dog spirals. Attractive and helplessly pulling you in for a bite, this hot dog recipe is just what you need to rock your day. It comes easy yet crazily delicious. You can readily grill them up, and cover them with gooey. You can also add your creamy melted cheese to ramp up the sweetness. Now you can pop it into your bun and you are good to go. Have a bite and you are in paradise for the deliciousness!

Hot Dog Musubi

This hot dog recipe takes its inspiration from another Hawaiian delicacy the SPAM musubi. The latter is rice wrappings in seaweed crushed with some sumptuous grilled SPAM. For this peculiar Hot Dog Musubi, you get your split dogs immaculately layered over your sushi rice. Now you can add some drizzle of Japanese mayo. To get the taste much lovelier, you can add some really good sauce. Now wrap the whole mash up in seaweed. It is crazily yummy, definitely worth dying for.

Hawaiian Hot Dogs

Hawaii and good food are almost inseparable, right? One of the most famous delicacies from Hawaii is the Hawaiian Pizza. Yet, another meal Hawaii is guilty of getting us stuck on is the Hawaiian Hot Dogs. This hot dog recipe is epic for pineapple lovers out there. This recipe is all yummy and desirous with that touch of bacon, enhanced with your hoisin sauce. The gigantic flavor from this hot dog recipe makes the world stand for a moment. The hoisin constituted in this recipe together with the pineapple touch make sure the flavor is just like no other.

Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dog

This is a big and adventurous diversion from the common hot dog recipes out there. The Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dog is a unique hot dog recipeyou should be rightly drooling for. To make the delicacy more captivating, you can add some lovely refreshing avocado pico de gallo. You can serve it as well with some nice warm beans. Just a bite of the Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dog and you are already deeply in love with this hot dog recipe. You just can’t get enough of it.

So here are some amazing hot dog recipes you should try today. Unfortunately, life is too short to be stressing yourself away. How about you make happier moments with these lovely hot dog recipes?

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