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With technology constantly developing, it is no surprise that many medical devices are introduced without any notice to the general public, from camera pills that can be swallowed to relieve patients from having to submit to invasive colonoscopy procedures to medical percussors designed to help doctors diagnose patients. One of the most significant, yet inexplicably obscure medical devices to be invented in recent decades is the low level laser.

The low level laser was originally used for assisting doctors in procedures that required a standard medical laser, but it is currently being used on its own for many procedures.The main advantage of cold lasers is that they do not penetrate as deep as standard “hot” lasers and are free of pain. Since they are painless and do not create an incision, there is also no recovery time for patients to be subjected to their use. The following is a look at some unique medical devices that make use of the low level surgical laser.


The dermaLASER is the only low level laser to be given approval by the FDA for acne treatment.

  • This medical laser works by attacking and killing the bacteria known as P. Acnes that causes acne.
  • While there are already other laser acne treatments on the market, the dermaLASER is a cold laser, meaning that it will not cause pain or irritate healthy skin cells.
  • Since the dermaLASER only targets the P. Acnes bacteria, it focuses on the root of the problem and leaves the skin unharmed.
  • This is a great alternative, since previous treatments were limited to oils that can bother and dry out the skin and hot lasers that could cause redness and pain.


The EML 3LT laser is the first low level laser to be given FDA approval for use during liposuction.

  • The EML cold laser is applied to patients right before they undergo liposuction. This laser liquefies the fat, making fat removal much quicker and easier.
  • The use of an EML laser in a standard liposuction procedure will reduce post-operation pain and bruising.
    • Recovery time is also faster for those who were subjected to the low level laser before undergoing the liposuction procedure.
    • Less pain medication is also required when the EML is applied first.

Cold lasers are proven to be effective in assisting liposuction procedures. New tests, however, show that cold lasers are also effective in delivering weight loss without need of the surgical liposuction procedure. In other words, medical lasers may replace traditional liposuction altogether.

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