The Alternate Day – The easy way to lose weight!

How does the alternate day diet work?

Simple! One day you don’t eat, the next day you do eat.

This is actually only a short description of what this diet assumes. The Alternate Day Diet is a diet which places its followers on a low calorie intake every other day. Its promoter – dr. James Johnson calls it the UpDayDownDay Diet.Weight loss easy

The diet is a 2 steps one.

For first two weeks, dieters should eat only 500 calories on Down Days. In the Up Days, they can eat whatever they want. This phase is the most restrictive part of diet, but is necessary to activate the body’s genetic response to alternate-day calorie restriction. The diet works by activating the SIRT1 gene during times of deprivation. This gene speeds up the metabolism, a thing that that helps its followers to lose weight. A negative aspect of this part of the diet is that dieters might experience feelings of hunger, weakness and fatigue on those days.

In the next step, for the next two weeks, foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats and low fat dairy products can be eaten on Down Days, as long as their caloric intake is no more than 35% of the calories you eat on Up Days. On Up Days, people following this diet can eat as much as they like of the foods they prefer.

“Many people are able to restrict their calories on alternate days if they know they’re able to eat the type and amount of food they want to the next day”, says dr. J. Johnson talking about this diet.

The main idea is to bring about an overall reduction in calorie intake while still letting you eat your favorite foods. Alternating days can help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism. Dr Johnson and other nutritionists at the University of California discovered that eating half as much as usual every other day could shrink fat cells and boost some of the mechanisms that break down fat. But they also believe that alternate day diet is not only about losing weight. It may also make people healthier, reducing the risk of health problems such as heart disease and cancer, and easing the symptoms of conditions such as asthma. Supporters of this fasting diet even say it can help live longer.

There are a lot of people that cannot follow a restrictive diet for several days in a row, which is a reason why the Alternate day diet is perfect for them. Since is so easy to follow, this diet can be a long-term, feasible solution for a lot of dieters: more like a lifestyle.

Like any other slimming program, the diet has some disadvantages. For example, those who have a history of eating disorders should not attempt the Alternate Day Diet, because extreme eating behavior could lead to bingeing and bulimia.

After two to three weeks of following this diet, many individuals reported that they not only look better, but they feel better and have more energy as well. Those who followed the Alternate Day Diet for three weeks lost an average of 2.5 % of their body weight and 4% of their body fat.



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