All You Need to Know About San Antonio Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids or piles are common problems among individuals. It is a medical condition that is caused by enlargement and swollen veins of the rectum and anus. This medical condition can occur outside and inside of the rectum. It can cause pain discomfort and sometimes even leads to rectal bleeding. Everybody at a certain level suffers from this, so if you are going through this, then here we will talk all about San Antonio hemorrhoids.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

It is the condition of bulging veins around the rectum or anus. This is the condition that mostly happens in people above 50. Hemorrhoids are of two types namely external or internal. As the name implies, internal hemorrhoids occur inside the rectum, while on the other hand, external hemorrhoids occur outside the anus.

However, compared to internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids are troublesome and the most frequent type of hemorrhoids. However, there is nothing to worry about as this medical condition is curable.

Cause of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids generally happen when there is too much force on the veins around the rectum or anus area. Some of the common factors that contribute to the hemorrhoids occurrence are:

  • The condition can be genetic.
  • If you sit for a long period particularly when it comes to using the washroom.
  • Further, if you are suffering from severe constipation.
  • If you suffer from straining due to bowel movement.

Symptoms and Signs of Hemorrhoids

The symptom of hemorrhoids usually depends on their type. However, some common signs of hemorrhoids are:

  • If you are facing itching or discomfort around the anal region.
  • Further, if there is swelling around the anal region.
  • Bleeding is the most visible sign of hemorrhoids.

However, internal hemorrhoids don’t cause any discomfort as they lie inside the rectum, but due to this, irritation and straining are common.

Treatment for Hemorrhoids

If you notice any kind of symptoms or observe blood during bowel movements, then it is the right time to see a doctor. There are many specialists in San Antonio that are experts in treating hemorrhoids. The doctor will examine all your symptoms and conduct some physical tests to verify the condition and how severe it is. Based on that, he will begin the treatment procedure. However, there is home treatment also available for treating hemorrhoids such as using ointment, creams, ice packs, analgesics, and much more. Rubber band ligation is the widely popular non-surgical approach by the doctor. However, in severe cases, health practitioners may prefer to do a surgical operation known as hemorrhoidectomy.

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