All You Have to Know About CEREC Same Day Crowns


Poor dental hygiene and bad habits are the main culprits for tooth decay and defects. Many people have a fear of a dentist, which is often irrational, but sometimes there are justifiable reasons. Sometimes it’s long and painful interventions that traumatize the patient.

That’s why one of the burning problems of dentistry is how to eliminate procedures that tie the patient to the chair for hours. If the problem is neglected, the healing can last for months. As technology advances, dentistry keeps pace with that.

Making dental implants is part of the most common procedures that cause people to see the dentist. When healing a tooth has no purpose, it must go out. If a tooth defect causes a cosmetic or functional problem, a prosthetic restoration is necessary. It should mimic the shape, color, and size of the tooth.

Until recently, implementing a crown required taking the imprint of the upper and lower jaws, waiting several days each for definitive work, as well as the several trying of the dental implant. Today, according to, these are interventions that last no more than half an hour.

Preparing for CEREC Crown Procedure

People delay seeing the dentist for long and unpleasant interventions. Probably out of ignorance, they finally schedule the treatment, often without even inquiring about the latest techniques and methods used by dentists. And we believe they would be pleasantly surprised to know how much dentistry has progressed, and how much more enjoyable the dentist treatment is than before.

The procedure of putting on a same-day implant can be time-consuming and is convenient for busy people. Before accessing this, inquire about which dental clinics have this service on offer, as well as the price range.

The process begins with the inevitable grinding and preparing of teeth. Making the implant starts with a scan, recording the bite and nearby teeth. It’s non-invasive and takes only a few seconds. The chance of error is minimal since the software does the whole work. It calculates and selects the best implant shape for each patient.

3D Modeling of the Crown

CEREC technology of fixed prosthetic restoration developed more than three decades ago. For more information, check this source. To date, advances in digital dental restoration have progressed so much that dentists now offer complete ceramic implants to their patients within an hour.

After the scan, the patient can take a break or go for a walk. The next step, which involves making the crown 3D printing method, takes no more than half an hour. It uses computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technologies.

The dentist places the piece of ceramic in the specialized machine. By default, it begins to cut the implant. Because these crowns are made in one piece, they are more durable than metal-ceramic implants, in which joints often burst.

After finishing the crown, the next step is to polish it. If there is a need to equalize the color of the implant with the natural teeth, a patient will come the next day. After all this, the dentist places the crown in the patient’s mouth, with a minimal loosening of other teeth.

Benefits of Same-Day Crown

If the traditional imprint had to be repeated, it would be very uncomfortable and painful for the patient. If, by chance, taking a digital print for the same-day crown went wrong, it is easy and safe to repeat the procedure.

With the traditional procedure, it would take several days, depending on whether a dentist or a prosthetist made the crown. This period can be uncomfortable, especially if the patient has broken teeth. With same-day crowns, it’s all over in an hour.

Below, read how to take care of dental implants:

As for the price, the complete CEREC procedure will cost more than the traditional one. But for just a couple of thousands, you can spare yourself of troubles, pain, and waiting, and finally, get an excellent result with an implant made just for you.

Modern equipment is a necessity and basis for safe, successful, and painless dental interventions. And advanced technologies have become indispensable in dentistry as they provide new opportunities, significantly increase efficiency, and shorten treatment time.

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