All That You Should Know About a Smile Makeover


One of the most pleasing things that identifies you to people is a great smile. Typically, dental problems have brought difficulty in smiling. This has made dentists come up with new ways that help in improving a smile. A perfect smile will ensure that you are comfortable when you are in public places or meeting new people. For a Downtown DC cosmetic dentist who offers numerous procedures that assist individuals in getting a perfect smile, contact SPA Dental Group today. Some of the different ways used in improving a smile include:


Invisalign is the use of cosmetic technology that uses clear aligner therapy to straighten the teeth. The Invisalign teeth aligner is made of a plastic material that is removable from your mouth. The aligners are customized to fix a patient’s dental problem. The aligners should stay in the mouth for about 22 hours per day and only be removed when eating, drinking, or brushing the teeth. Invisalign ensures that an individual attains a perfectly aligned smile as the teeth remain straightened in the mouth after treatment has been completed. The aligners hold the teeth together so that they grow uniformly. Consider this option if your teeth are not straight.

Teeth Whitening

Generally, teeth whitening is the removal of stains and plaques from the teeth’s surface. This procedure enhances a brighter smile as the teeth are maintained to their natural white color.  Teeth whitening boosts the smile’s appearance, and individuals gain confidence as they interact with others. Teeth whitening procedures can be comfortably practiced at home, or you can visit the nearest dental hospital.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal diseases usually make the gums become inflamed and bleed easily due to the buildup of bacteria in plaque. Discolored gums will always affect an individual smile. Periodontal treatment ensures that all gum problems are well looked into by ensuring that all signs and symptoms are gotten rid of. The treatment makes sure that you can smile again confidently, especially when in public places.


Dentures are the removable teeth used to replace missing teeth. An individual who has missing teeth, especially the canines, may find it difficult to smile, especially when they meet new people. With dentures, this problem is completely sorted out as you can place them in the mouth to fill the gap from the missing tooth or teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry deals with a wide range of dental problems and dental hygiene maintenance techniques for children. The body’s development means that the mouth is also developing, hence becoming more prone to problems that hinder a perfect smile. Pediatric dentistry ensures that children have beautiful smiles as their oral health is always well looked into.

In summary, a smile is the first thing that people use in judging a person. Therefore, maintaining a beautiful smile through regular visits to the dentist will help you in achieving your dental health and aesthetic goals.

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