“All that we all need to fight illness and pain is LOVE” – Dr. Angel Escudero

“All that we all need to fight illness and pain is LOVE” – Dr. Angel Escudero in his book “Healing by Thinking – Noesitherapy”

A doctor, without a pharmacy, without anesthetics or analgesics, feels impotent… How can the lack of medical chemicals be overcome? It’s all in knowing and understanding the natural human resources to fight and defeat illness and pain…

Dr. Angel Escudero, in his book “Healing by Thinking –Noesitherapy”, shares his professional experiences about the human ability to endure and overcome pain. He speaks about patients who have entered his operating theater with a smile on their faces and who didn’t need any anesthetic for the surgery, about mothers who gave birth to their children without feeling any pain and without any kind of painkiller, about very sick people who have cured themselves.pain

In his opinion, all that we all need to fight illness and pain is LOVE.

Love makes us vibrate with a positive biological response that brings us into harmony with everything that surrounds us.

“Disease is usually a lack of love in human life, which produces a psychosomatic disharmony. Psychologically and physically disease is a request for love”…

Every thought that a human thinks is a program in the brain’s computer, and these programs can be programmed in the spirit of love, happiness and health. Only one thought is able to bring into our lives all of the good that we need, or a lot of unhappiness and misfortune.

Each thought produces in the life of the human being a harmonic global biological response (HGBR). The entire human structure, in all of its dimensions – material or spiritual, vibrates as a response to a thought.  Depending on the content of every thought, the biological response (BR) can be positive, useful, or negative, which signifies an incorrect and harmful use of the vital energies, with repercussions on the functioning of the organism, although this is sometimes on a subtle level, and with physical and psychological repercussions on the state of health. Each and every part of a human being functions programmed, in some manner, according to the significance of every thought.

“Thoughts are like the hands of the soul which model human life.”

When we think positive a Positive Biological Response (PBR) is produced. Positive thinking brings us peace, well-being, better health, and helps us to live happily.  For a correct functioning of the human body there must be a balance in the vegetative nervous system between the sympathetic and parasympathetic. Stress and negativism break this balance, producing a sympathetic predominance. With a positive biological reaction, this balance is reestablished thanks to the activation of the parasympathetic system.

A person in a positive biological state generated by positive thinking presents signs of vagal predominance of the muscarinic kind such as: wet mouth, miosis (contracted pupils), pink and dry skin, discreet bradycardia or normocardia (the heart maintains a more physiological rhythm, and does its job with less effort), normal arterial pressuremuscular relaxation; soothing reassurance and more self-control.

It also presents: better hemostasia, better cicatrization of wounds, better immune state.

Negative Biological Response (NBR) is produced by a thought which is capable of producingdiscomfort, anguish, nervousness, unhappiness and even disease. All of its symptoms are exactly the opposite of the positive biological response.

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