All about Silymarin Tablets-Benefits, Dosage and Overview

Silymarin tablets are those supplements that are taken from the extract of milk thistle plant. These are available in the seeds .Those seeds are then grinded to make the tablets. This is a flavanoid which is taken from the milk thistle plant. This contains silydianin, silybin and also silychrisin.

The name for the plant milk thistle is because of the white marks on the leaves. This plant is mostly available in Europe and is from the family of Asteraceae that includes the flowers like daisies and the sunflower. This plant contains purple flowers. Silymarin is the component which is found to be active for therapeutical used. Flavanolignans are considered to be antioxidant, anti inflammatory and also regulates the immunity of the body.

They also pertain anti fibrotic benefits. Flavanolignans have the anti atherosclerotic capability for making the arteries hard which are developed by the high level of cholesterol. Silybin which is a composition of Silymarin pertain phosphatidyl choline which is an active part in the Soy lecithin. Soy Licithin helps in the absorption of the silymarin by the various tissues of the body. It is found that the Silymarin gel caps are found to be more efficient than the milk thistle components.

But we can find the efficiency more in the supplements of milk thistle and the Silymarin. Silymarin has the same benefits and the efficiency of the vitamin C and vitamin E. prevents damage from expsure to toxins.

Benefits of Silymarin

  • This is a solution for all the liver related problems like Alcohol cirrhosis
  • Silymarin prevents harmful effects of the alcohol consumption and toxins that are caused by any food consumed
  • Silymarin is used for the treatment of Hepatitis
  • It is used for the treatment of fatty liver and non alcoholic fatty liver.
  • Prevents the toxic effect caused by the consumption of the steroids
  • Prevents from all the toxin effect that are caused by the environmental factors
  • The cholesterol level of the body get reduced which helps in the protection of the heart from all the negative effects.
  • This reduces the cells that cause cancer in lungs, colon, prostrate and breast.
  • This decreases the risk in causing the serious illness such as renal cancer and cervical cancer.
  • The sugar level in the body gets improved.
  • Works as an anti aging factor. Since the toxins and the blood including the digestive system of the body gets purified this helps in slowing down the body from aging.
  • Helps in the decrease of the damage of the cell that is caused due to the treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Decreases the damage of the skin that is caused due to the sunlight rays.
  • This reduces the skin problems.
  • It works as an anti oxidant. This ability of the plant helps in regulating and maintaining the working of the eyes, muscles and joints of the body.
  • Works as a radical scavenger
  • Silymarin acts as a solution for the digestion problems and issues that are related to the intestine.

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