Alkaline-Ionized Water – Needed or all Hype?

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Most folks recognize the importance of drinking quality water for their health. Most also sadly realize that most of the water that comes from the tap is full of unwanted chemicals, and that much other natural water is polluted too much to drink without cleansing. As a result, health-conscious folks are looking for ways to get excellent quality water into their homes. This, in turn, has led to a boom in the sale of water purification devices such as the kangen water system. However, there are some questions as to whether alkaline-ionized water, which is what is produced with the kangen water system, is all it’s cracked up to be.

What is Alkaline Water Exactly?

Alkaline, or ionized, water is purported to be an antioxidant that can actually eliminate free radicals that build up in the blood due to the unhealthy, processed foods that people are so prone to eating these days. Supposedly, this water has more electrons than regular water, and that these somehow erase extra acids in the blood.

What are the Claims Surrounding Alkaline Water?

More or less, those who believe in the wonder of alkaline water claim that it’s cleansing electrons can actually prevent disease, or reverse it in some instances. There are even allegations that drinking this type of water can cure arthritis and cancer.

Are the Assertions Surrounding Alkaline Water True?

Although there are many varying views on the validity of alkaline water’s healing powers, there are those who lean toward a more balanced viewpoint claiming that. These professionals say that although some alkalinity is a good attribute of healthy water, it isn’t the most essential proponent. To the contrary, it appears that a balanced pH level of the water is more important. Read this article for more information. The high that first-time alkaline water drinkers experience is attributed to being newly hydrated, and although detoxification does occur, it appears to be limited to the first couple of weeks of use.

A Variety of Water

There are several different kinds of water that are healthful to drink, although many folks don’t know one type from the other. There is distilled water, which comes from boiled water. Purified water is actually processed to clean it. Bottled water sometimes comes from a spring water source. Other times, it is put through reverse osmosis to remove impurities. Still other times, bottled water comes straight from the tap with no further cleaning. Deionized water has gone through a process where the minerals have been removed. Hard water has large quantities of minerals, while soft water has had all but sodium removed. Then of course, there is alkaline water.

As one might presume, balance is the most important issue here. Finding high quality drinking water is integral for health. The healthiest water is that which has good balance and mimics water which occurs naturally. Natural water has a pH of 8 or below, and alkaline water does not fall into this category. In all reality, the supposed wondrous health benefits of alkaline water are no more or less than a marketing tool used to sell high priced filtration systems.

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