Aftercare Post Teeth Whitening Treatment


Teeth whitening process is effective and provides multiple benefits. From boosting your confidence to bringing a wide smile to your face, the treatment is highly beneficial.

However, getting teeth whitening treatment from a cosmetic & general dentist in Grand Prairie, TX, is not all. For the results to last, it is essential to take necessary steps for aftercare and preventive measures.

Here are a few tips to follow post teeth whitening treatment:

Brush and floss regularly.

Oral hygiene is essential for maintaining the state of your whitened teeth. Brushing 30-60 minutes after your meals for about two minutes can prevent the formation of stains. Brushing gets rid of any food particles or bacteria that can cause discoloration of teeth. Avoid using colored dental products such as mouthwash and toothpaste.

Avoid smoking.

Smoking and tobacco products are incredibly harmful to your health and cause yellowing. Do not smoke for at least 48 hours after the procedure and limit it even in the long term future to make sure your teeth whitening lasts.

Take a look at your food habits.

Your teeth are more sensitive to getting stained in the first 48 hours after teeth whitening. Taking precautions regarding your consumption can significantly benefit the results you get. 

  • Acidic foods: Foods or liquids that are acidic can weaken your enamel which is already sensitive because of the whitening procedure. This acid increases the chances of staining. Some examples of such products include citrus fruits, tomatoes, carbonated drinks, and wine.
  • Stain-causing foods: Sauces containing tomatoes, drinks such as wine, tea, and sports drinks, berries and their jams or juices, and balsamic vinegar are some food items that lead to staining. It is suggested to limit your consumption of them over time.
  • Hot and cold foods: Foods of extreme temperatures can affect the sensitivity of your teeth during the procedure and cause pain.
  • Recommended foods: Foods that encourage the secretion of saliva and do not have deep colors are recommended. These include vegetables like kale, cucumbers, and celery, fruits like apples, papayas, strawberries, and pineapples, and dairy products like milk and yogurt. While eating staining foods, accompany them with such foods which counteract the acidity and protect your teeth.
  • Water: Drinking sufficient water can help prevent dry mouth and help get rid of stains. Beverages which stain your teeth can be drunk with a straw to limit contact with teeth and avoid staining.

Following your dentist’s guidelines and instructions guarantee the best results. Maintain your good oral habits and diet for long-lasting whitening.

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