Advantages of Contacting Your Dentist for Tooth Extraction


Though tooth extraction is safe and protects your surrounding teeth in case of an infection, the procedure can also cause harmful bacteria to permeate your bloodstream. Therefore, your dentist will advise you to take an antibiotic before and after the dental procedure. South Elgin tooth extraction experts at Pro Dental Care know that a tooth extraction can be stressful, especially if you have dental anxieties. Therefore, the facility’s team of dentists led by Dr. Brar and Dr. Bram will do everything possible to create a comfortable environment for you and ease you of all your anxieties. Thanks to technological advancement, the dentists boast the latest tooth extraction techniques customized to suit every patient’s unique needs.

What dental worries does a tooth extraction solve?

Several factors will prompt your doctor to opt for extraction as your best dental procedure. These reasons include:

  •         Crowding teeth
  •         Advanced periodontal disease
  •         Dental trauma
  •         Tooth infection

What will you go through during an extraction procedure?

Before the procedure’s onset, your doctor will inject you with local anesthesia to calm you down. You could also discuss your dental anxieties with your dentist before the procedure. Once the treatment area is numb, the dentist will secure the tooth with forceps. However, if it is an impacted tooth, your doctor will open a small portion of your gum tissue to access your tooth.

When the dentist has full access to your tooth, he will gently manipulate it back and forth to loosen its connection from the socket before removing it. Your tooth usually is encased in your bone socket and has ligaments holding it in place. Therefore, the dentist has to enlarge your socket before he separates the tooth from your ligament before extracting it.

How will you benefit from a tooth extraction?

When you book a dental appointment with your dentist for dental advice or care, one of the various treatment options he will recommend, but will most likely not excite you is a recommendation for tooth extraction. The dentist would not suggest the procedure if it were not the only option. An extraction, therefore, has its benefits, and they include:

Comfort. If you have ever experienced severe pain with an infected tooth, you can testify to the restlessness. By allowing your dentist to extract the affected tooth, you will be ridding yourself of the discomfort, helping you live a comfortable life.

Protecting your surrounding teeth. A tooth infection will potentially affect your smile if your dentist fails to halt the spread. Ignoring a dental infection will lead to a gradual progression, which may worsen and spread throughout your entire mouth.

Do not feel like you are out of options if you have a severely damaged tooth and the treatment options you opted for failed. Tooth extraction could be your final option. Having your dentist remove the affected tooth offers a clean slate to replace your missing tooth with a dental prosthetic that will help you enjoy excellent oral health. For more inquiries on tooth extraction, contact the specialists today. You can also book a dental appointment online.

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