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Dental problems are one of the common things people from all walks of life deal with at least once in their lifetime. Back in the days, there were people who would just shrug off the pain while others would wait for their dental problems to get worse or infected before they would decide to pay their dentist a visit.

Fast forward to this digital age, how people seek for solutions has changed and convenience and availability are now within reach. Getting a diagnosis and preliminary solution for your dental concerns, for instance, is now made easier and more accessible; all you have to do is book an appointment with an online dentist.

What is an Online Dentist?

A wide variety of services have already been offered online for the sake of convenience and the dental industry is not exempted of that; online, high quality dental care can now be accessed quite easily with the help of online platforms like

To avail online dental care, basically, you will need to go through these three simple steps:

Step 1: Register on the website. Here, you will need to completely fill up the registration form which also asks of your basic patient information. Additionally, you will also have to indicate the reason why you wish to see a dentist at that time.

Step 2: As soon as the 24/7 reliable team from receives your registration, they will reach you on the contact number you provided to let you know that your appointment request is received. Then, they will match you with an available dentist.

Step 3: As soon an available dentist is found, you will be asked to speak with the online dentist through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The dentist will then advise you treatment after taking all your current symptoms into consideration. If need be, the online dentist will refer you to an actual dental specialist or service provider and all you will be left to do is prepare yourself up and be present on the appointment.

Why Online Dentists Are a Great Choice

  • Cost-efficient. Unlike the traditional approach where patients are inclined to visit an emergency room right away and shell out money from their pockets to receive urgent care and dental treatment, with online dentists, patients get to have access to advices and diagnosis from dental professionals online. Besides convenience, this also means potential ER savings.

  • Affordable, Fast, Simple. keeps a directory of all available dentists in the area. Calling them fast tracks your search for dental care solutions and if ever the situation demands beyond basic care, the online dentist will automatically refer your situation to an in-person specialist or provider. That means you can get to have dental treatment without having to go through too much hassle and deal with long waiting time.

  • Loyal. A lot of dentists and patients nowadays utilize platforms like in to set follow-up checkup appointments. Albeit the virtual transaction, face to face interaction is still guaranteed, thus patients still get to receive dental care even from the comfort of their car, office, or home.

  • Easy Access to Dental Care. A lot of people used to skip their dental clinic visits because of busy schedules, lack of insurance, and travel hindrances and these same kind of people were left without a choice but to settle with temporary pain relievers. That is one thing online dentists are trying to eradicate. Here, patients will have an access to treatment of emergency dental issues and appointment to dental specialists with just a phone call.

  • Flexible and Friendly Scheduling. Because the platform is entirely virtual, dentists get to have the freedom to set their own schedules to a time and place they prefer. Patients, on the other hand, will still benefit from the high availability of dentists because makes sure that no time slot is left “dentist-empty”.

  • Higher Productivity. On the part of the dentists, interacting with patients is now made easier; appointments can now be carried out anytime of the day or night. The platform provides more treatment opportunities. No-show cases are expected to decrease.

To simply put, here are what dental online platforms like “LiveDentist” offer:

  • Affordable yet high-quality dental care no matter the patient’s insurance coverage

  • Fast access to certified/licensed dental specialists and dentists

  • Secure and convenient virtual appointments (thru smartphones, tablets, or computers). LiveDentist is HIPAA compliant.

  • Electronic, easily saved prescriptions

  • Electronic referrals to in-person dental specialists and providers if need be

Online Dentist: Dental Care Redefined

Access to and appointments with dental healthcare used to be time consuming and quite inconvenient but and other same online platforms saw the need to come up with a modern solution that would benefit both the dentists and the patients. Livedentist is developed with an aim to redefine dental care through:

  • Providing dental treatments using phone, video, and even text messages

  • Electronically storing patient dental data including photos, videos, and x-rays

  • Fast retrieval of accurate dental records and history of treatment/prescription

  • Electronically providing prescriptions and referring patients to in-person dental specialists when necessary

As all of the abovementioned upsides are now realized, it is expected that dental concerns will now be easier, conveniently, and quickly addressed. Platforms like are clearly shaping the dentistry’s future and enhancing the dental clinical experience for both practitioners and patients.

Online Dentists: Scope and Limitations

Before even deciding whether your dental concern must necessitate a physical visit to the nearest emergency room or it is something an online dentist can already cover, it is necessary to understand first the difference between a regular dental issue that can be left untreated until morning and a legit emergency which must be life and health threatening.

Below are what you need to know in identifying dental emergencies.

Dental Emergencies: Shall we visit the ER or just call an online dentist?

Data from American Family Physician showed that about ¼ of the entire populace have gone through oral or dental pain in the last six months. This just goes to show that dental emergencies are truly a common occurrence in life. But did you know that not all dental problems necessitate an urgent treatment, thus not an emergency? Apparently, whether a dental issue is an emergency or not has been a common misconception. While this may initially appear harmless, it can actually pose a threat in the long run especially if the patient underestimated a rather fatal situation.

So, to help you identify whether an online dentist service is okay or you need to immediately visit the ER, below are the following guide questions to keep in mind:

  1. What is the degree of your dental pain? If the pain has reached the severe stage and the gums or teeth are already bleeding, then that is an emergency.

  2. Is there a loose tooth? In case of a loose tooth, going to ER can give you access to fast treatment, thereby potentially saving your tooth but there is really no matter-of-life-and-death involved. It may or may not be an emergency depending on other visible symptoms. However, adults normally do not loose teeth, hence a loose tooth can indicate a serious problem.

  3. Is there an infection in your mouth? A serious infection or an abscess in the mouth can be potentially fatal and requires urgent treatment. Signs that there may be infection include swelling gums or knots on the gums.

  4. Is your mouth bleeding? A bleeding mouth is definitely a sign of an emergency.

Basically, common dental emergencies include:

  1. Abscessed Tooth. A dental abscess occurs when a pocket of pus in the tooth has thrived and become an infection. Such an abscess can actually become severe and fatal but during the first phase, the patient may feel some symptoms which include tender lymph nodes in the neck, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, persistent toothache, swelling in the face, a bump on the gums that resembles a pimple, and a fever. Although remedies like pain relievers exist to temporarily relieve the pain from a dental abscess, what causes an emergency is the likelihood of the infection to spread into the jaw, the surrounding tissue, and towards the other body areas.

Temporary relief of a dental abscess includes drawing the pus to the surface and rinsing the mouth with water with salt several times.

  1. Knocked-Out Tooth. Data from American Association of Endodontists showed that cases of knocked-out tooth could have been managed better if quick action was present, i.e. the dentist would have been able to reinsert the knocked out tooth and preserve it.

If you wish to preserve your knocked out tooth, make sure you pick it up carefully by the top or the crown. Avoid touching the root. While holding, rinse it carefully without scrubbing. Reinserting the tooth in the socket may also be done but should you be unable to do it, find a small container instead, place the tooth inside, and either visit the dentist’s clinic right away to save your tooth or call an online dentist for early diagnosis and tooth handling to-dos.

  1. Chipped or Cracked Tooth. A serious or severely painful fracture also necessitates an emergency room visit but first aid procedure includes cleaning the mouth with warm water and applying a cold compress to the outer area of the face to control the swelling. Your online dentist will most likely prescribe an acetaminophen to temporarily relieve the pain while you do the consultation online. As much as possible though, do not use any numbing gel or pain killer since these products can be damaging to the gums.

Generally, any dental issues that require urgent treatment to alleviate severe pain, stop bleeding, medicate for an infection, or save a tooth can be considered a dental emergency. Therefore, if you notice any of such symptoms, it is best to call your dentist right away and ask for prescription. But in cases where your dentist’s clinic is not available, you can either visit a resident dentist in some emergency rooms or you can simply call online platforms like right away and have them look for a trustworthy dentist for you.


Although there are dental emergencies, dental problems that can wait until a dentist is available are more common. For instance, though a tooth is cracked or chipped, if it has not left a painful fracture or sharp fragments, more so if it does not hurt, then you need not visit the ER right away. Rather, you can simply yet conveniently seek for an advice by dialing the hotline of an online dentist.

Toothaches with less severe pain can also wait for treatments unless symptoms of a dental abscess like bumps on the gums, swelling of the face, or high fever are present.

And lastly, for cases where a filling or a crown was lost, waiting for days before seeing a dentist is still okay. A temporary home-remedy for it includes sticking a piece of a gum into the cavity providing the gum is free of sugar right away. For the lost crown, there are denture adhesives or dental cement that can be purchased over the counter; such products can be used to make sure the crown sticks to the gums as you try to put it back.

Avoiding Potential Emergencies

Preventing dental emergencies is actually easy. All you have to do is maintain a good oral hygiene and not miss regular check-ups with your dentist. Regular checkups are necessary for your dentist to see if there are crowns, loose fillings, or any signs of infection, decay, and gum disease.

On the other hand, you can simply create a friendly treatment plan to earlier address such dental problems before they get worse and surely, an online dentist can help you with that especially now that taking pictures of your dental states is just easy.

Comprehensive routine for dental hygiene should help control or reduce these dental emergencies. Nonetheless, if your situation already calls for an emergency room visit, bear in mind that time is truly of the essence. Don’t waste it or your situation will get worse.

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