Acupuncture Therapy to Strengthen Your Entire Mind and Body

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture therapy is a highly regarded therapeutic procedure that has been practiced in China for thousands of years.Acupuncture is founded on the concept that our bodily functions are regulated by an energy referred to as (Qi) that circulates throughout the entire body; disturbances of this natural process are thought to be the cause of many health problems.


As part of western alopathic medicine, the objective commonly is to identify the condition and deal with it specifically; when it comes to acupuncture, the aim would be to strengthen the entire mind and body, supporting our inherent resilience and resistance to disease.

As documented in traditional Chinese philosophy, our health and well being relies upon the body’s natural energy (Qi), flowing in a steady and balanced manor by way of a number of channels referred to as (meridians) right below your skin layer which experts claim connect the interior and exterior of the entire body, as well as the internal structures to one another. Qi is made up of equal and opposite components – Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang

What medical and health factors can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture has long been used for treating an array of health conditions including:     
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Asthma.
  • High blood pressure levels.
  • Menstrual cramps.
  • Skin conditions.
  • Relieving pain in childbirth.
  • Addiction – smoking, alcohol and drugs.

What normally takes place during the course of an acupuncture session?

While having your first acupuncture session, the therapist will most likely check your overall health to make sure that you obtain the most suitable treatment. The practitioner will probably make inquiries relating to your existing symptoms, medication and therapy you might have been given so far, health background, your close family members’ medical history, your eating habits, digestive system, sleeping patterns as well as your emotional state.

The acupuncturist may perhaps then examine your pulses on both of your wrists as well as evaluation of the structure, appearance and also the coating of your tongue. Each one of these examinations are supposed to identify exactly which energy channels require adjusting with regards to your particular ailment and which must have treatment to increase your overall energy and vitality.

After the consultation the acupuncturist will  gently insert the small needles – the needles are very fine and you will probably only experience a light tingling feeling. The needles might possibly be allowed to remain in situ for merely a second or even up to 20 minutes, depending on the desired result.

During the course of an acupuncture treatment, many individuals come to experience heaviness within his or her limbs or even a pleasurable sense of relaxation. Your acupuncturist may additionally decide to use Moxibustion, a form of Chinese herbal medicine employed to warm up acupuncture points in order to help your body’s energy to flow effortlessly.

How many acupuncture sessions are going to be necessary?

The total number of treatment procedures required is determined by the client – some individuals will experience great improvements immediately while others might benefit from treatment over a number of months.

Every individual and every ailment respond in a different way to acupuncture; for instance, chronic medical conditions in many instances require more time to reap the benefits long term at the hands of acupuncture compared to less serious conditions. As a result, more treatments are likely to be recommended, additionally, an average of 4-6 treatments are considered the norm in order to really effect a noticeable and lasting change for the better.

Acupuncture is a specialized health care procedure employed to identify and treat illness, reduce the risk of illness and also to improve our over all health and well being. Acupuncture can help with physical, psychological, emotional or even spiritual problems. Acupuncture therapy works extremely well in isolation or even side by side with various other methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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