Acne Mechanica


Acne mechanica is a form of acne breakout caused due to tight clothing, constant friction against skin, sweat accumulated in the area while wearing helmets or backpacks and any other action that would lead to irritation of the skin. Acne starts to build up after the surface of the skin is continuously exacerbated by heat, unvarying pressure or skin covered for too long. Another type of acne mechanica is cyclist acne that as the term suggests is common among athletes that develop the acne due to sweat and heat causing acne problems. Some other common names for acne mechanica include back packer’s acne, soldier’s acne and fiddler’s acne.

This skin condition is more likely to be frequent among those that either work out or have a more sport activity based routine. Some useful treatment for acne mechanica and cyclist acne in particular include firstly taken a shower before starting any exercise. It would be favorable to apply anti acne or perhaps anti germ body wash thoroughly. Since the acne is a result of heat it is a good idea to wash the skin in lukewarm or cold water. This would help avoid rashes, inflammation and dryness. For hair an oil free or non comedogenic shampoo should be applied on the scalp. After washing the hair should be dried through patting and avoiding rubbing of the skin. It is important to apply body lubricants to reduce friction against the skin.

Before exercise or cycling it is important to apply oil free sunscreen and avoid wearing very tight clothing that would make the skin more irritable. After the workout it is recommended to take a shower immediately and using the same products as mentioned above and carefully drying skin. To avoid the acne to spread or get worse any treatment containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide should be used for the acne. For helmets used during cycling disinfectants can be applied on the inside to reduce the likelihood of acne breakout. If the acne persists or gets worse even after treatment it would be favorable to contact a physician or relevant dermatologist.


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