Acne Complex Review – Is This A Good Treatment?


If you have bad acne, you know that it can really affect your self-esteem. If you are like most people with bad acne, you are desperate for a cure and you will try or have tried just about anything in an effort to cure your acne. There are many treatments out there for use by people who have acne problems. In fact, there are so many that it is difficult to really figure out which cures work or don’t work. It is important to note that everyone’s system is different and this makes the decision even more complex. Which product will work best with your type of skin and your system?

The Acne Complex Product

This product is actually a 3 step treatment process. The process includes cleansing, treating, and hydrating your skin to help get rid of your acne. The product does not use harsh chemicals but uses hydrogen peroxide to help clean your skin and skill any bacteria on the surface of your skin and in your skin follicles in order to help stop your acne breakouts.

You may be concerned about the hydrating step. This step uses an oil free moisturizer to calm your skin and help keep it perfectly toned and in good condition. The moisturizer is not heavy and should not cause any skin reactions or blemishes.

You need to apply the product twice a day for best results. In other words, apply in the morning during your morning routine and also apply it on your skin in the evening as part of your evening routine. As with any acne product, using too much can cause skin irritation. For this reason, it is best to apply a minimal amount of product instead of slathering it on your skin. Using a reasonable amount of product will also guarantee that the product will last as long as it is supposed to last.

Acne complex has a specially designed formula which does not have a strong odor unlike other products. This means that you don’t have to worry about “smelling like a treatment plan” during the day. If you are concerned about this, apply the product early in the morning to give it enough time to dry before you leave for work. In the evening, you can put the product on after going out with your friends or just before going to bed.

The Company

Murad, the company that manufactures this product, claims that Acne Complex will eliminate your acne in 4 weeks. They also claim that in scientific studies, over 92% of the people who used their product saw improvement in their skin and a reduction in their acne in as little as 3 days. They have a money back guarantee too. If you feel that the product did not work or you are unhappy with the results, contact the company for a full refund of your money.

Murad also offers different products including those for acne and wrinkle reduction if you find yourself having acne problems as you age. The company also has offers on their website which can be helpful to consumers. You can check out new products that have been developed as well as find out about any coupons or other money saving ideas.

You can browse their online catalog and you can also request a free catalog online if you want to learn more to decide if the product is for you.

One great thing about this company is that they actually have a customer Bill of Rights. These include things like the right to a free skin evaluation, the right to have your concerns be heard, the right to a money back guarantee, and the right to know that the products that you are using were not tested on animals. There is also a 100% happiness guarantee. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, simply contact the customer service line and they can help you to solve your problem.

Customer Reviews

Many people will want to know how customers feel about Acne Complex. This is understandable, especially in these difficult economic times. You want to spend your money on a product that will work, and where you will see noticeable results.

Results about the product seemed to be evenly split. There were those customers that simply did not like the product. However, there were quite a few who were completely happy with the product as well. Customers who did not like the product claimed about skin irritation. However, minor skin irritation is common with most any acne product. This is why it is important to not “over-treat” your skin when you are on a skin clearing regimen. Use only as much as you need and no more. In some cases, less is actually “more”.

Right now, Murad is offering an introductory offer which is $29.95 for 30 days of product. This is a great way to actually try the product to see what it can do for you.

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