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What measures do you take to ensure your health and that of your family? Good health is a true blessing and a priceless gift. Hence, it is critical to value and maintain it. Despite you not having control of your health status, it does not mean you cannot prevent it from happening. Yes, you can, through healthy eating, regular exercise, frequent health check-ups, among others. Your wellbeing determines the quality of your life and even your fulfillment. Thus, it should be your priority. Harbor Community Health Center is a  primary care practice in San Pedro that focuses on providing safe and quality medical care to improve health and better lives. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

Harbor Community Health Center takes pride in serving California communities with gentle and detailed authentic care. The family-oriented practice provides comprehensive medical care to ensure your family’s wellness. The practice aims to provide affordable primary health care to low-income residents and employees not provided with health insurance coverage. The primary care specialists are welcoming and look forward to serving you exceptional care. Visit them today for care with a difference.

What is primary care?

Primary care is general healthcare given by a medical professional. The care provider can be a physician or a nurse practitioner. A primary care provider offers general health services and may send you to a specialist when needed. He or she helps maintain your health at every stage of your life.

About the Harbor Community Health Centers primary care practice

Harbor Community Health Centers started over four decades ago to provide quality healthcare to every person despite their income level. The practice believes that every individual is entitled to top healthcare, regardless of who they are or their origin. The medical facility is committed to providing standard healthcare services to San Pedro residents to live healthy and productive lives. They offer state-of-the-art services, including immunizations, OB/GYN care, health screenings, sports physicals, and treatments for acute and chronic diseases.

The premier practice started as a Harbor Free Clinic in 1970, but today it has two San Pedro locations, a general care clinic and a pediatric center. The patient-centered facility focuses on improving healthcare, patient experiences, and lowering medical costs. The staff is friendly and very understanding. They aim at making your health experience the best and your stay comfortable and peaceful. They are all ready to assist in the best way possible.

What primary care services do they offer?

At Harbor Community Health Centers, they treat every patient as part of their family. During the consultation, the welcoming primary care provider attentively listens to your health concerns. They also answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need to know about your health. Your primary care provider creates a personalized treatment plan to address your needs.

The team of primary care providers is highly experienced and professional. They use the most innovative and conservative techniques to provide the most outstanding care. They offer extensive care for:

  •       Behavioral health
  •       OB/GYN
  •       Health screening
  •       Vaccinations
  •       Physical exams
  •       Treatments for injuries and illnesses

It would be best to visit your primary care provider when you feel sick or have a health problem that needs medical attention. Annual health check-ups are also essential to maintain your health and prevent health issues.

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