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Dr. Escudero Spain

Dr. Angel Escudero -the founder of a humanistic school called “Noesitherapy” or “Healing by thinking”.

Dr. Angel Escudero is a Spanish physician and surgeon, the founder of a humanistic school within medicine, called “Noesitherapy” or “Healing by thinking”. Since 1972, he performs surgeries with no chemical anesthetic, he helps mothers to deliver babies with no pain and assists patient in their healing process, using psychological analgesia. This form of anesthesia has...

angels therapy

The power of the positive thought: Noesiology- a science founded by dr. Angel Escudero. It works as a prophylaxis for healthy people and as a therapy… for sick people as well

Noesiology – noesis (Greek) = the action of thinking, is a science founded by dr. Angel Escudero that studies the effects produced in life by the starting-up of thoughts. This science is based on the idea that each thought produces in the life of a human being a harmonic global biological response (HGBR)- a specific biological...