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The best diet ever! 10 pounds skinnier in 5 minutes :)

After eating only healthy foods and exercising religiously each day, you’ve got really close to your ideal weight. There are only 10 pounds left to lose. How can you get rid of them in an instant? Simply!  Any woman can look 5, 10, even 15 pounds slimmer automatically by simply using wardrobe as a secret weapon....

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My diets are a total failure! Why? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

The first week of your diet plan is almost over, you were supposed to be 5 pounds lighter, but you cannot see any changes in your weight. What happened? Why haven’t you lost any weight at all? As the days go by, you are trying really hard not to break any rules of your weight loss...

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Guaranteed Weight Loss with the Dissociated Diet

Dissociated Diet One of the most popular diets, the dissociated regime, is based on the consumption of a single food group during a certain period of time. Eating dissociated is not really a diet but a way of constructing your meals. The main idea behind dissociated diet is that not the food itself makes you fat,...