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OSHAWA Detox Diet or the MACROBIOTIC Diet

Founded by George Oshawa (October 18, 1893 – April 23, 1966), the Oshawa detox diet is a low calorie diet, mainly vegetarian diet. The diet promotes a low consumption of saturated fats so it helps reduce high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. On the other hand, it is high in fibers so it helps reduce...

green smoothies

Try a detox diet for a day! Use green smoothies!

When you are interested into detoxifying your body, you can try some green smoothies. The advantage is that these green smoothies can do a lot more than detoxifying your body: they boost metabolism and improve general health. Ingredients for a green smoothie Kale Kale is an excellent source of fibre, carotenes (lutein, zeastantin and betacarotene), vitamin...

24 detox diet


In today’s modern society, you expose yourself to a huge amount of toxins from what you eat, drink, or breathe, so once in a while you have to help your body to expel these toxins, through a detox program. The best way to detoxification is to change your diet. Small things like eating wild rice, Brussels...