A Weight Loss Program Using Water Diet

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You may not believe this, but you can lose weight using water diet. Yes, this weight loss program may work for you. However, I’m not talking about the extreme water diet, where you’re not allowed to take in anything but water. That’s harmful to your health. This is about a safe, effective strategy of using water smartly to lose weight. It’s about a long term weight loss program – not a drastic weight loss regimen that can endanger you.

So, continue reading, and afterwards, you may want to apply the simple steps. Let’s see if you won’t lose weight after a month. This is how you can do it.

Step #1 – Before eating your breakfast, drink water

It can be lukewarm water, cold water, or water at room temperature; it doesn’t matter. What’s crucial is to drink, at least, two glasses of water before you take in anything. You can drink more if you want.

The water will make you feel full, decreasing your appetite before you even touch food. You could be starving, if you still eat a lot despite your ‘full’ stomach.It would help if you take in less of what you usually eat during breakfast. Choose foods that have low calorie content and lesser glycemic index. These are all factors that could add to your weight.

Reportedly, the body has to spend calories to warm the cold water. Thus, ice cold water is recommended, in order to lose more calories. Nevertheless, warm water is also advised when you’re prone to dyspepsia or bloating. Warm water can also dissolve readily the fat that you eat; hence, facilitating elimination of this dangerous substance from the body.

Step #2 – While eating, drink water

While you’re eating, drink water as often as you can. This will add to the fullness of your stomach. You must make a conscious effort not to force yourself to eat more, when you’re already full. Take note, that your body’scells are composed of 60% to 70% of water. The water is essential for them to be able to perform their physiological functions properly. Hence, your body requires a copious amount of water, about half of your body weight, to allow your body cells to function well.

Dehydration or lack of water has devastating effects in your body, as this study published on the NCBI website has proven. You can even die of dehydration; so, it’s vital that you stay hydrated.

Step #3 – After meals, drink water

Yes, you should drink one or two glass of water after your meals too. This will increase your feeling of fullness. Thus, you must stop stuffing yourself. The water will satiate your hunger pangs, so you wouldstop taking in more food.This will allow you to reduce weight.

You must also drink in between meals. This will help reduce your cravings for snacks, and would hydrate your body sufficiently.

Step #4 – Reduce your food intake

Of course, you can still eat your balanced meals regularly, but the portions should be reduced. Eat more of fruits and vegetables and avoid fatty and sugary foods. Avoid alcohol because it can cause malnutrition.

Step #5 – Together withthe water diet, exercise regularly

The exercises need not be strenuous; a daily walk in the park can do. Biking around your neighborhood is superb too. The point is to be physically active every day to burn the previous fats stored in your body.

Step #6 – Live a healthy lifestyle

Avoid illicit drugs, cigarettes, and excessive coffee. Sleep at least 8 hours a day and have a positive frame of mind. A healthy lifestyle is essential to your weight loss goals.

If you follow these steps religiously, you would surely lose weight gradually. On top of that, you would become healthier as well.

Tips in Implementing the Water Diet

  1. Always bring a water bottle with you. You should drink water even if you’re not thirsty.
  2. Ensure that your drinking water is safe and without any toxic additives.
  3. Water is a universal solvent. It helps dissolve toxins from your system and disposes of harmful waste products of metabolism.
  4. Don’t be afraid of drinking lots of water. Hydrating your body sufficiently is good for your health.
  5. Small kidney stones can be eliminated through “water therapy”.
  6. Take your body weight first before implementing this water diet. This would serve as your baseline to determine whether you have succeeded or not in losing weight.
  7. Establish you weight loss goals beforehand. How much weight do you plan to shed after a month? After a year?

Implementing this weight loss water diet program is a challenge that you may want to accomplish. As the song goes, “Never, say never”. This time you might succeed with this simple but proven method.

Author bio:

adelaide taylorAdelaide is a medical technologist by profession. She’s most interested in techniques to stay fit, trim and healthy. She had injuries related to sports, which she was able to resolve eventually. So, she wants to help people overcome their health problems. Visit her website and twitter.


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