A Shape wear Guide for the Comfortable, Confident Look

You’re often frustrated every time you realize you can’t wear an outfit for a reason related to your body. It’s true that some styles of women’s apparel suit certain body types more than they do others. Most outfits can however be worn by most women, provided they use the plus size shape wear. Some of the common problems that have a lot of women worried include a muffin top resulting from tight jeans, the appearance of their thighs when they wear small dresses, uncertainty of how their dresses may appear in the back, etc. The good news is that by beginning with the proper foundation underneath your outfit, you can wear almost any style you want.

Shaping Slips for Clingy Dresses

Regardless of your size, a tight dress that hugs your figure can be quite flattering. Ensure that the fabric nicely hugs your curves by smoothing your silhouette. A seamless shaper is a great solution because it doesn’t show through. Shapewear slips are very useful under wrap or clingy dresses because they give the impression of smooth curves from bust to thighs. Two options are available: with or without an inbuilt bra. For the latter, you can customize your fit by wearing a bra of the appropriate size.

Shaping Camisoles for Tight Sweaters

Every woman looks cute and refreshingly feminine in a sweater that hugs her figure. When the weather is cooler, you can really show off your curves by wearing a figure-hugging sweater. In this case, you’ll need a camisole shaper to pull of the look. Open-bust styles are popular because in addition to slimming your midsection, they also support your breast by giving them the optimal lift. Alternatively, you can choose the convenience of a style that features an inbuilt bra, which is especially useful in cases where you might need to take off the sweater.

Shaping Panties for Skinny Jeans

If you’re interested in a casual yet stylish look, skinny jeans are the among best go-to outfits. However, you might like many women be faced with the issue of the muffin top when wearing skinny jeans. Fortunately, shaping panties can effectively solve the problem by making your midsection appear smooth, relieving you of your muffin top worries. To achieve the precise smoothing and slimming effect you’re aiming at, select from a range of coverage options as well as thong back styles. Control how your entire midsection appears using high waist panties.

Thigh-Slimming Shapers for Little Black Dresses

One of times when comfort and control are very important is when you’re wearing a small dress, such as a tiny cocktail dress, regardless of the color. In the case, the most effective solution is shaping shorts or a full body shaping garment that gives the impression of smoothness and slimness for your waist, butt and thighs. Strapless options are available in a number of plus size shapewear stores. Your trouble areas and body type will determine how much coverage you will need.

Butt-Lifting Shapers for Pencil Skirts

When it comes to outfits such as pencil skirts that accentuate your waist and define all your backside curves, it’s important that you get shapers that cover all these areas. Also essential is that the shaper achieves this while still being lightweight. Shop around for designs that feature open bottoms. In addition to lifting your butt and making it appear rounder, shapers that include open-bottom designs help in slimming your thighs and controlling your waist.

Long Shaping Camisoles for Lace or Sheer Tops

Provided your tank underneath has a solid color, tops that expose just a bit of what’s underneath will not reveal too much. In these cases, it is recommended that you wear a camisole shaper that features an inbuilt bra. Your tummy will stay flat and your midsection smooth even as you don a flirtatious look. Just remember to use a camisole that is adequately long in order to cover you all way down to your hips.

Backless Shapers for Backless Style Tops or Dresses

You might have a top or dress that has very little back coverage or none at all. Still, you need not worry. Your front midsection can appear smooth and slim with a backless shaper. Featuring a low back and no straps, this shaper is highly effective because no one will even realize that you are wearing a shaper.

Shaping Leggings for Sweaters or Tunics

The best thing about leggings is that they are not only super comfortable but they are also sexy. Also, they can be worn by women of all body types. The trick to pulling off that chic look is wearing a lengthy top that drapes way down to your thighs. Important, however, is to ensure that you do not mistake this with a paper bag look. In the end, you’re also interested in flaunting your butt, legs and waist. It is therefore important that you maintain a smooth look. For this reason, steer clear of cheap leggings made of cotton. High-quality body shaping leggings will give you the most flattering look by smoothing your thighs, lifting your butt and slimming your waist.

Waist Trainers for Business or Casual Tops

Failing to mention waist trainers, which are among the most versatile shapers, would be remiss. Waist trainers are known to be suitable for most outfits. Make your everyday outfits look intriguing by wearing this popular piece of shaping underneath.

Final Thoughts

The hope is that you have found fashion inspiration in the possibilities outlined here with respect to shaping solutions. If you’ve always been interested in a certain look but have felt limited as a result of your body size or shape, go ahead and give it a try. After having some pieces of your preferred shapers cycling through your wardrobe, it becomes easier to choose. Thereafter, you’ll develop a strong sense of what is most suitable, allowing you to come up with shaper-outfit pairings that flatter your figure. When it doubts, consult experts to get additional suggestions and advice on the best styling for your shapewear. That way, you can always have a comfortable look that you feel confident in.

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