A List of Cheap Yet Healthy Food

healthy foods

It is easy to eat unhealthy food using the excuse that it is cheaper but there are ways to eat healthier while still keeping the grocery bill low. It is important to eat in a healthy manner to prevent various health risks. By using some of the food on this list and perhaps expanding on it or learning how to cook different meals with them, a person can be much healthier and even lose weight if they need to.

Cheap Yet Healthy Food

Eggs – These items are a meat alternative. They offer a lot of protein not to mention a lot of vitamins and minerals. These items are cheap and they can be cooked in a number of different ways plus they can be used for cooking other recipes.

Canned Tuna – The prices range for canned tuna but there are decent quality products for lower prices. Generic brands are usually pretty good and can be half the price of the better known brands. Tuna is high in protein and in the essential fatty acids.

Fatty Meat – The fat in meat is not what causes people to gain weight and it is much cheaper than lean meats. The body can burn off the fat in meat easier than other types of fats and it also has the essential fatty acids that the body needs to function properly.

Oats – High in fiber, vitamins, nutrients, oats are one of the cheaper forms of grain that a person can find. These products are available in larger bags and containers making it even cheaper. It can be used as cooked oats or in various recipes such as meatloaf, cookies, and hundreds of other items.

Brown Rice – White rice is generally preferred, but for only a little bit more money, a person can purchase the much healthier brown rice. The long grain brown rice that is not parboiled prior to packaging is very cheap and very good for the body because of the fiber, vitamins, nutrients and good carbohydrates.

Pasta – This product can make a person gain weight if eaten in access but moderate amounts eaten with protein and vegetables is a very healthy option The multi grain pasta is healthier but there are other types that are cheaper.

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits – Fresh vegetables and fruits are usually recommended but they are expensive at times and they do rot tend to rot quickly. The frozen versions are almost just as healthy, they are cheaper and they stay in good shape for much longer. Green vegetables are generally healthier but including a variety is a wise decision.

Water – Instead of drinking juice and soda,drink water instead. Buy a water filter instead of bottled water and it ends up being a very cheap source of hydration and it is very healthy.

So as you can see to have a healthy diet its not always necessary to burn your pockets,one can  always make sensible choices, all you need to to do is a little bit of research. If you have some more cheap yet healthy food items in your mind,do share with us.

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