A Holiday That Will Put The Wind In Your Sails

With over 87 million Americans enjoying recreational boating, you may be thinking about taking the plunge yourself.  Whether you’re sailing, power boating or using jet skis or other watercrafts, spending time on the water can be hugely calming and relaxing, as well as a great opportunity for building your confidence as you learn new skills.  With plenty of home remedies and advice to keep seasickness at bay, you can simply focus on planning a trip that invigorates you mentally and physically, and helps you return to shore feeling happier and healthier.

Savvy sailing

A common misconception is that sailing holidays are only for the rich and famous on super yachts in the south of France.  In fact, sailing can be a cost-effective travel option, which is just as well as Americans are budgeting less for their vacations than in previous years (although the figures are still pretty robust when compared with other countries).  It’s perfectly possible to pick up used boats in good condition if that suits your budget better. Research what you need for the type of experience you want and go from there. 

A restorative experience

One huge benefit of a holiday on water is the sense of relaxation and happiness it can give you.  According to one study, 72% of Americans feel less stressed after spending time on the water.  From the horizon view to the relaxing sound of waves, boating is a multi-sensory experience that helps to reset and calm the brain.  Even the smallest and simplest of jobs onboard can help you to unwind; psychologists call this entering a ‘state of flow’, where you can forget day to day worries and focus instead on the tasks at hand.

Learn a new skill (or two)

If you’re a sailing novice, there’s plenty to learn, but providing you seek good advice or tuition, you will soon find yourself thriving on the challenge.  Research has shown that learning a new skill helps you to learn other things more quickly, and can even reduce the likelihood of developing dementia.  Plus there’s that rush of satisfaction that comes from mastering something new; and the confidence and pleasure that can bring.

From boosting your health to making you feel more confident and purposeful, sailing vacations have so much to offer.  No longer the preserve of the super-wealthy, there are now plenty of affordable options for budding boaters, so it’s a great time to start planning your trip.  Set sail for less stress and more fun; the way vacations should be.

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