A Healthy Liver: An Essential Key

Liver has a cleansing action in the body and is one of the organs protecting body. Whenever the liver malfunctions, the body’s defences are weakened and pert of the toxic substances absorbed pass directly into the blood stream. It fixes or transforms toxins: poisons contained in food (coffee, nicotine, chemical additives, refined sugar, etc.), eliminates wastes left by the primary digestive cycle and enables the digestion and the use of fats.

A Healthy Liver

Bad eating habits, a bad lifestyle and a lack of physical exercise all have a cumulative effect over the weeks, undermining the liver. The following foods force the liver to make an unnecessary effort. It is preferable to avoid them or replace them with whole, quality foods, generally known as natural foods.


• Refined foods
• White bread
• White sugar
• Alcohol
• Fried foods and saturated fats
• Additives

An overstressed liver can hardly perform its functions such as digestion, maintaining blood sugar level, putting to use the nutritious substances that we assimilate, etc.

The following lifestyles contribute to overstressing the liver:

• Cigarettes
• Overeating
• Overwork
• Lack of physical exercise
• Taking medicines

While the liver poorly tolerates certain foods, others, because of their quality and of their composition, promote the performance of the hepatic function. Here are the main ones:

• Wholegrain bread
• Dairy products
• Eggs
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Meats and fish
• Oils

Magnesium is of capital importance for the liver. When the liver has exhausted its reserve of minerals, in particular of sodium and magnesium, its ability to filter diminishes, allowing toxins to get into the blood. Numerous problems like haemorrhoids, rosacea, various allergies, cysts, varicose veins, chronic fatigue, blurred vision, hypoglycaemia, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, loss of hair, high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, overweight, etc. are directly linked to the incapacity of the liver to filter these toxic substances.

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