A healthy diet to lose weight- Prasouda Diet

Considered one of the healthiest diets, Prasouda diet is in fact more than a diet: it is a way of healthy living. 

The Prasouda diet, also known as the Mediterranean diet, originates from Greece, Italy, and Spain. The name of the diet actually comes from a small rocky island located just off of the larger island of Andros from Greece. People in the Mediterranean countries have much lower rates of obesity and heart related deaths than in other developed regions of the world.

The diet consists of a more natural approach to food, which means that the unhealthy fast foods and the processed foods are banned out of the diet plan. People eat only foods which are all natural and fresh. Daily meals include large amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains (breads and cereal), seeds, nuts, beans (and legumes), olive oil, dairy, fish (mostly), chicken, some red meat (beef, lamb), wine, and eggs. The food pyramid in the Prasouda Diet consists of 10% grains, 10% olive oil, 20% meats – mostly fish and chicken, and 60% is fruits and vegetables. The dishes are simple healthy living foods, easy to prepare, but the combinations and recipes are tasty and abundant.

The diet means allowing a generous period of time for enjoying the food.

Dinners, for example, may take hours. Eating slow gives the body enough time to signal to the brain that the stomach is full before yet another portion is eaten. Usually, the meals start with a salad that eliminates a lot of the hunger, so by the time of the main dish the stomach will already be full. Most of the dishes are served with a glass of wine.

Wine is actually a part of the diet.

Consumed in moderate amounts, wine has wonderful and healthy properties. Flavonoids in the wine function as antioxidants, which reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Olive oil is undoubtedly another important part of the Prasouda diet.

The major reason why this oil is so important for the diet is because is made out of monosaturated fats and Omega 3′s fatty acids. The olive oil consumption lowers the LDL cholesterol levels preventing clogged blood vessels, strokes and heart attacks.  The omega 3’s and 6’s from the olive oil and fish improve the brain function and influence the serotonin production. The serotonin is a natural drug of happiness produced by the human brain, which fights against depression.

People living in the Prasouda lifestyle are healthier, happier and live longer. Their body is leaner for life. This diet is the best way to eat healthy and lose weight. With this diet, you can lose up to 3-4 kg per month, without getting starved. Unlike any diet, Prasouda diet makes you feel full, thus, dieters who use this diet are successful in losing pounds and maintaining ideal weight while enjoying greater energy, sound sleep and better health condition. The diet also improves mental functions; it implies longer life expectancy, lower risk of high blood pressure and strokes, smaller chances of developing Alzheimer and type 2 diabetes.

Sample of 1 day Prasouda diet plan:


– Two slices of rye bread with soy and sunflower spread with low-fat margarine;

– 30 g smoked salmon;

– 50 g of tomatoes and onions;


– 150 grams of lean cottage cheese;


– 1 plate of mushroom soup cooked on vegetables with a little olive oil;

– 100 g cod baked in foil;

– 3 tablespoons boiled potatoes;

– 100 g of lettuce with olive oil and lemon juice;


– 1 cup skim milk curd;

– 1 cup of seasonal fruits, such as raspberries, blackberries, strawberries


– 150 grams of tomatoes and cucumbers;

– 40 g of cooked couscous;

– 2 slices of ham steak.

Supporters of the Prasouda Diet do recommend weekly moderate to intensive cardiovascular workouts. The goal should be to have three to five 30 to 60 minute intensive workouts per week. The intensity of the workout will depend on the current exercise level and fitness level, but the goal should be to work towards improvement on a weekly basis.



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