A Guide to Keeping your Lungs Clean


In the world we live in, keeping fit and healthy is a top priority for many people. Adhering to a strict diet and exercising are becoming extremely important, and for good reason – after all, who doesn’t want to look and feel their best at all times?

Something you may not have considered while embarking on the latest exercise or diet trend, is looking after your lungs. Although this may sound odd, there are specific ways in which you can take care of your lungs outside the parameters of your diet and fitness.

In fact, we are surrounded by odour control systems that we don’t even know exist, all working to help us out; so why not do your bit too?

Below we highlight a few ways you can work on your lung health with ease.

No Smoking

It’s a well-known thing that smoking is bad for your health, specifically your lungs. But there are many people out there, who despite exercising and eating well, still smoke. Quitting the cigarettes will be a big step in the right direction for great lung health – and it should make exercising easier too. If you are finding it difficult, e-cigarettes can be a great step in the right direction, and are less dangerous than smoking.

Monitor Local Air Quality

This refers to all the air around us, and even though there are odour control systems in action, it can still pay to check out air quality in your area from time to time.

You can check this online within a matter of minutes. Knowing this can help you stay proactive in your daily life, where, if it’s particularly bad you can stay indoors, or adapt your routines accordingly to prevent breathing in too much bad air.

Indoor Air Quality

Although you may not have thought about it; just how good is the air quality in your home? With dust, chemicals and irritants building up in your home over time, this can have a serious effect on your lungs. But there are things you can do.

Ensuring you clean regularly, from dusting and vacuuming to help remove dust, while mopping with products that aren’t too chemical heavy will help too. De-humidifiers will also help, as they can work to clean the air in the home, helping to prevent mould build ups in places you may not be able to see.

With a few quick and easy adjustments to your day-to-day life, you’ll be able to take your health to a whole other level – trust us, your lungs will thank you for it.

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