A Guide to Healthy Holidays in Turkey

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Turkey is a fantastic country that spans two continents (Europe and Asia) creating a diverse and cultural holiday experience. Those who visit Turkey will be allured by the plethora of activities available, as well as the wonderful mix of European and Asian cuisine. If you are looking for a healthy holiday then Turkey is the place to go, as you will see from this in-depth guide.

Turkish Cuisine on Your Healthy Holiday  

Turkish cuisine is extremely diverse thanks to the many different influences from around the World. If you are looking for a healthy way to eat and drink in Turkey then you will not be disappointed.

Many Turkish dishes contain lamb which is a healthier alternative to beef or pork. The people of Turkey believe in cooking with plenty of vegetables and spices such as eggplant, lentils and onion. Many of the staples in a Turkish diet will consist of Bulgar wheat and rice, which makes for a much healthier experience than pasta and potato!

Try to avoid the rich tasting kebabs that you will see on every street corner and instead go to one of the local restaurants that serve their freshly cooked food from a bin-marie, seen at the front.

If you are not a meat eater then there are plenty of fish restaurants that sell freshly cooked fish and meze dishes of many different types. Those who do not eat fish or meat at all may find a range of vegetarian restaurants in more populated areas and tourist hotspots.

As for drinks, there are plenty to choose from in Turkey, although some are a lot tastier than others. Turkey is famed for its strong tasting coffee which has extremely high caffeine content. Avoid their coffee and head straight for their water and yoghurt Ayran which is a much more suitable alternative!

If you are going to treat yourself to some alcohol whilst on your healthy holiday then you simply must try the local Raki, although only a ‘tek’ (single)! There is also a wide range of wines available, as well as local and continental beers.


Turkish cuisine involves a lot of healthy vegetables and staples such as rice, making for a good all round diet.

Rest & Relaxation Health Spas in Turkey
If you are planning a trip to Turkey in the hope of rest and relaxation then you are definitely going to the right place. Turkey is known for coming up with some of the World’s most therapeutic relaxation and beauty treatments.

You will find a whole range of health spas wherever you are in Turkey, all offering a wide variety of treatments. Some of these you will know from back home (massages) and some will be less common (mud baths!).

The people of Turkey also invented the new craze that has swept the UK and USA recently which involves tiny little fish nibbling away your dead skin! You will find plenty of places offering this service in Turkey, so make sure you give it a go, even if you just dunk your feet in.

Two of the most popular treatments for healthy holidays in Turkey are mud baths and hot stones. A mud bath will cleanse your skin and detox your body, even if it does feel a little odd at first. Hot stones can be placed on your body (mainly the back) in order to calm your senses and make you feel more relaxed.

Those who are looking for healthy ideas in Turkey will definitely want to check out at least one of these ideas, if not all of them! You will go back home feeling on top of the World! Traveling to Turkey needn’t be expensive, shop around, there plenty of cheap holidays to Turkey on the internet.

fish pedicure

A Turkish fish pedicure can be an excellent relaxation treatment or cure your feet from any ailments.


Is it safe to travel in that country ? Well, yes, Turkey is pretty large. There are areas near Syria that are not recommended for tourists but the rest of the country is really safe. You check here for more details about the unsafe places. But the northern cities located at the Black Sea are the most plesant and peaceful.

Turkey can be an incredible holiday experience, especially if you are looking for a healthy alternative to all inclusive package holidays. Instead of helping yourself to a buffet every day make sure you check out local restaurants for some healthier Turkish cuisine.

Those who want some rest and relaxation on their healthy holiday will absolutely love the range of spas and therapies that Turkey has to offer. Some claim to help you lose weight; others will helps with backs aches and pains. No matter what your reason for a healthy holiday in Turkey, you will find something that will suit exactly what you need.

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