A Brief Explanation on Diagnosis and Treatment of Stomach Cancer

stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is one of the common diseases and if proper treatment is not taken well within time it may even lead to the death of the person. If you are suffering from this disease it is important to take suitable treatment and cure it at the earliest. The death rate due to this disease is increasing every year and this is because of the indefinite symptoms related to this disease.

Early stage symptoms

The symptoms of this life threatening disease are quite vague. Due to this reason, the stomach cancer is usually detected late. Thus, the treatment also starts late and there are chances that the patient may not be able to recover and might lead to his/her death. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of its symptoms so that timely and proper treatment is given, which also increases the survival rate.

If you experience soreness in the upper abdomen, sudden weight loss, burning sensation in the stomach and weakness for some unknown reason you might be suffering from stomach cancer. Soreness develops in almost 70% of the patients. This is mostly felt by the patients when they are relaxed and quiet.

If you have a typical sensation of burning in your stomach and is followed by belching and abdominal distention, especially after a meal you may be suffering from stomach cancer. Some experts may also mistake it as gastritis. Patients may also lose their appetite and hence experience sudden loss in body weight. Some patients may even experience poor appetite and that too without pain. Thus, if you go through any sort of pain in the stomach do not ignore and take it seriously.

If the patients are experiencing the symptoms and are avoiding treatment or ignoring the pain, it may lead to bleeding in enteron. The patient may also vomit blood and might excrete black stool. When the patients see and experience all this, they might be concerned and seek medical attention. However, this is the last stage and the survival rate is less at this stage.

Later stage symptoms

At a later stage the early symptoms become amplified and develop causing symptoms like long term upper pain in abdomen, anemia, difficulty in swallowing, gastric perforation, fever, constipation, regurgitation of food and severe pain in lower abdomen. It will also cause harm to the internal organs, which are basically adjacent to the abdomen.

It may damage the liver, the colon, the pancreas and so on. It can also affect the lymph nodes, which surround the stomach and damage the left supraclavicular region. If the lymph nodes get affected this deadly disease can spread faster and more easily. The patient may develop inflammation in the liver and suffer from jaundice and necrosis of the stomach.

Visit the best hospital that treats this disease and get the treatment at the earliest. If timely treatment is provided to the patient, it will surely improve their quality of life. Cancer is a disease, which begins in cells which are the building blocks of the body. The cells make the tissues and these tissues make different organs of the human body.

If you are suffering from stomach cancer, it does not allow the damaged or old cells to die and instead form the new cells when they are not needed at all. There is revering in the whole process of tissue formation. The buildup made as a result of extra cells form mass of tissues which is called polyp or a tumor. This tumor is harmful and might cause the death of the patient. Thus, it is important to get the treatment at the initial stage and live a cancer free life ahead.

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