8 Ways to Stay Looking Younger for Men

stay young

It’s not just women that are concerned with staying youthful. While men may be less vocal about it, there is no denying that deep down they’re just as vain! Follow these ten simple steps to stay looking younger for longer – without giving the wallet too much of a workout.

Stay Moisturised – Moisturiser is one of the cheapest things you can buy to ensure you stay looking young. Many men believe that moisturiser is for women – when in fact moisturiser is the easiest way to keep your skin hydrated and wrinkles at bay. There are plenty of moisturisers on the market that have been specifically designed for men.

Goodbye Grey – Grey hair can make you look very distinguished and wise – but that isn’t the look we are all going for! Even the slightest amount of grey hair can add years onto your age. Fortunately there are plenty of man-friendly hair dye products on the market that you can use discreetly in your own home.

Use Protection – No, not that type (although that’s important too!) – you need to protect your skin. One of the key ingredients to premature aging is the sun. Try using a moisturizer with a high-factor sunscreen in it to give you double the protection.

Hollywood Smile – As we age our teeth stop looking as sparkly as they once were in our youth. This is easily fixed with an over-the-counter whitening product or done quickly at your dentist – neither option will hurt the wallet either. A bright, white smile can take decades off of your look. Say cheese!

Shave it off – A scraggly beard may work for Brad Pitt, but for us mere mortals it won’t score us Angelina Jolie – it will just make us look much older than we are. So shave off your facial hair and increase your chances!

Get Fit – As you get older you need to take even more care of your body. One of the leading causes of wrinkles is stress, and exercise is a great way of alleviating any built-up stress. Exercise also helps pump oxygen into your body which increases the blood flow to your vital organs and skin. Not to mention you’ll get rid of the dreaded beer-gut!

Accessorize Right – Accessories can make a big difference to your look. You don’t need to look like a try-hard teenager, but you can update your style to freshen your look. Start with a nice wallet, and then swap your old, dull ties for something brighter and more fashionable. If you’re up with the latest technologies such as the iPad then get yourself a funky iPad case to keep it in. The options are endless.

Brighten Up – Adding colour to your wardrobe can make a big difference to how others perceive you. However, telling a man to wear colour can be quite dangerous without being a little more specific.There are rules about how to wear colour. Firstly, look for colours that complement your skin and eye tone. If you’re unsure, then French blue is usually a good option for most men. Keep colour minimal – just a simple, colourful tie with a plain suit and shirt is enough to brighten you up. Never over do colour and never wear solid-coloured socks!

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