8 Ways to Get Out of an Exercise Rut


Whether you exercise religiously or every once in awhile, you have likely experienced an exercise rut. When you stick to the same workout routine for days and weeks on end – even if that routine has a several different activities – your body and mind get used to what’s coming next. Suddenly, exercise is a chore and your results begin to plateau.

Exercise ruts are no good. And while making big, sweeping changes to your workout routine can certainly bring the fresh factor, it only takes a few small adjustments to make exercise fun again. Try some of the following inexpensive, easy ideas:

  1. Take a class – Try your city’s recreation center, YMCA or other fitness organization to try something brand new. You can find Zumba, dance, yoga, aerobic, weight-lifting, spinning and a variety of other classes that are free or low-cost.
  2. Join a league – Are team sports your thing? Join a local tennis, softball or volleyball league to exercise, meet new people and satisfy your competitive side.
  3. Go outside – Explore local bike paths on a bike or rollerblades, go hiking, throw a Frisbee or act like a kid and play on the swing set at a local park. Even just doing a few sprints up a steep hill will get you’re your heart racing and increase your metabolism.
  4. Stay inside – Find an instructional workout DVD for an exercise you’ve always wanted to try. You can look as silly as you want trying Muay Thai kickboxing—in the privacy of your home.
  5. Find a buddy – Grab a friend, your significant other, your kids, or the dog to try any of the above fun workout activities. You’ll get to spend time, talk and exercise.
  6. Read – Grab a fitness magazine or peruse a fitness website to get inspired. You may discover a new exercise you’d never heard of – and want to try!
  7. Set goals – Set distance, weight or endurance goals. The added dimension of a goal can make the swimming or hiking you do more fun and challenging. And don’t forget to plan how you will celebrate achieving your goals.
  8. Go Swimming – Remember when you were a kid and went swimming for the whole day? Remember how hungry you’d be once you finally went home? That’s because swimming is one heck of a total-body workout. It’s great for any age and any condition. The low-impact movements and the resistance of the water make every muscle in your body work to burn calories. Don’t know how to swim? What better way to workout than to learn?!

When the thought of exercising starts to feel like something laborious, you know you’re ready for something new. Humans are creatures meant to get up and move around. The more sedentary your lifestyle, the more tired and unhealthy you become. Do something every day and remember to breathe deep, smile and enjoy the fact that the good you’re doing for your body today will pay you back tomorrow!

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