8 Health Benefits of Eggs


Many of us like consuming eggs but we have to admit that we actually know very little about their health benefits. Eggs can be classified as one of the most nutritious foods. They contain a great number of proteins, minerals and amino acids which are beneficial for our muscles, eyes, nerves and tissues. The egg white is rich in proteins and the egg yolk is loaded with iron, omega3 fats, vitamins (A, D, E), etc.

In the following article we are going to read more about the health benefits of eggs, but please note that it is very important to take care of the amount of eggs we consume and the way we prepare them.

Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs and Vitamin D – The fact that there is a great amount of vitamin D in eggs is very important. According to some recent researches the vitamin D plays a great role in the prevention of cancer and other diseases, and it is also very valuable for keeping our immune system strong. You will be amazed to know that only one egg contains 20% of our daily dose of vitamin D.

Eggs and Weight Loss – If you thought that there is no connection between consuming eggs and weight loss you are wrong. After one research the scientists have discovered that if you consume one egg early in the morning will make you consume fewer calories during the day. Keep this in mind if you are planning to lose some weight.

Feed your brain – It has been proven that eggs have a positive influence on our concentration. This is generally because of the lecithin, which is the best source of choline. Choline is a valuable component which feeds our brain and improves our memory. Choline is produced naturally in our body, but there is nothing wrong in taking some from food.

Eggs and our bones – Our body can absorb up to 90% of the calcium contained in eggs. The calcium is important for the health of our bones, so this is one of the health benefits of eggs which shouldn’t be neglected.

Eggs and anemia – Our body uses the iron contained in the egg yolk excessively, so if you are prone to anemia, egg yolks should be part of your eating plan.

Eggs can protect your heart – Eggs contain decent amounts of folic acid which is known for its protective function against coronary diseases. It is good to know that one egg (60 g) can contain up to 1 mg of folic acid.

Eggs are good for your eyes – The egg yolk is also rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants which prevent the development of macular degeneration and cataracts. According to one research the development of macular degeneration was reduced by 40% and the development of cataracts by 20%.

Eggs and beauty – Eggs contain proteins and sulfur which have great effects on dry and damaged hair, and prevent the development of acne and make the skin smoother. For that reason eggs are used as masks for the face and hair.


  1. Now when you know a little more about the health benefits of eggs, here are a few tips which can help you determine whether you use fresh eggs or not.
  2. When you purchase eggs, take care of the expiration date. It is usually printed on the egg-box.
  3. Keep the eggs in the refrigerator in their original box. The storage temperature shouldn’t exceed 10oC.
  4. There are two simple ways to see if the egg is good or not. First take a cup of cold water and put the egg in it. If it sinks, it’s good. The second is the smell test. If it doesn’t stink, it’s OK.
  5. When you break an egg it is fresh if the yolk is compact. However if it breaks it means that the egg is not so fresh but it can still be used if it doesn’t stink.

After seeing all the health benefits of eggs we can agree with the statement that eggs are actually a “super food”. However this doesn’t mean that we should eat 5-10 eggs every day. Simply one egg a day is enough for us to enjoy its benefits.

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